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New technologies, safer computing, and app integration are just some of the most significant software development trends that took the web by storm in 2021. This year was amazingly full of new challenges and issues but nothing that can keep us down. Let’s look back at 4 of the hottest software trends and find out if these will continue until 2022.

Top 4 Software Development Trends of 2021

A software developer must know the current trends to create custom software and apps that will meet the needs of consumers. Custom software improves productivity, reduces cost, and centralizes secure data. The best way to build custom software is to learn from existing trends. Here are the top 4.

Top Priority: Cybersecurity

Online security threats are relentless. Each year threats have become more sophisticated, creating a huge burden on developers when creating a reliable and secure app. In 2020, an increase in cybercrime prompted U.S. President Joe Biden to address the issue by saying cyber security would be the top priority in all government agencies as soon as he took office.

In many businesses, the change to a work-from-home setup has led to an increased risk of data breaches because of the high usage in home networks. Based on 2021 predictions, cybersecurity threats could be any of the following in 2022.

Cloud Breaches

The coronavirus pandemic has led to lockdowns and quarantines to avoid the spread of the virus. With a work-from-home setup, businesses were able to remain afloat but not without some disadvantages. Because businesses are adapting to cloud computing these systems may practice weak data security practices. Weaknesses in cloud servers can lead to significant data loss in case of an attack.

5G Threats

The next big thing to mobile connectivity is 5G internet. 5G is newer and stronger and, in case of an attack, large installations and facilities like power grids, smart cities, and defense systems would be affected. Because of this vulnerability, 5G systems are setting cybersecurity targets.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance has been in great demand due to the increase in cyberattacks. In the U.S. many large brands and companies have already purchased cyber insurance to protect their businesses. This market is expected to increase in the next few years.

How to Avoid Attacks

Preventing an attack is the key. A business must perform an audit of the vulnerable areas in their security line-up and immediately fix these. Hiring a professional will help determine the areas that are vulnerable to attacks and plan preventive measures to prevent breaches in security.

The Continued Rise of A.I.

There’s no stopping Artificial Intelligence as more and more companies realize its amazing benefits. In 2021, A.I. umbrellas offered a variety of technologies that can process huge amounts of client data. With A.I.’s efficient customer data processing, marketers can provide a better, more personalized customer experience. A.I. trends that ruled 2021 follow.

Computer Vision Apps

Controlling the spread of the coronavirus is the number one priority for agencies, businesses, groups, and communities. Social distancing has proven effective in keeping cases low in many areas and A.I. has been adapted for this purpose. Artificial neural networks check social distancing in public places using cameras and sensors. Data is sent to controllers to immediately take action in case social distancing is not followed in an area.

A.I. Algorithms for Predictive Analytics

Predictive data analytics with the raw computational power of A.I. has been widely used by many companies to improve lead generation. A.I. algorithms help businesses get their hands on customer data for use when creating personalized content and offers.

New Concepts and Technologies for Enhanced Customer Support

Remote work will continue in 2022 because many companies have realized the advantages of this setup. This new arrangement has prompted customer help centers to adopt new technologies like neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and automated speech recognition (ASR).

NLP is a psychological technique wherein a marketing or software development group analyzes different successful strategies and applies these to reach their goals. NLP involves languages, thoughts, and behavior patterns gathered through learned experiences.

Meanwhile, automated speech recognition (ASR) is a subclassification of A.I. where a computer recognizes a speaker’s words and translates these to text. Also referred to as speech-to-text, it is common in smartphones where users speak into their devices which is then transcribed into text.

Integration of the Internet of Things

IoT is one of the fastest-growing technologies.  Business Insider predicts that by 2025, around 65 billion devices using IoT will be available all over the world. IoT appliances and devices are now widely available in smart homes while equipment and machines that use IoT are also used in businesses, manufacturing plants, etc.

IoT in 2021 went from the usual to the awesome. The technology is available in smart devices, mobile platforms, security systems, and cybersecurity sensors to name a few, but it’s expected to shine in the healthcare industry, specifically remote healthcare. In 2021, people wore different wearable devices and used other healthcare hardware to monitor their health and physical condition.  Healthcare equipment manufacturers see this trend as the future of hospital equipment. They are now developing IoT hospital equipment such as smart beds, monitoring equipment, mobility equipment, and many more health-related machines.

More Progressive Web Applications

Software Development Trends

Nowadays, smartphone users want an easy fix with no time to download apps before they can use them. With Progressive Web Applications (PWA), consumers can save time and get the quick fix they need. PWAs are lighter, quicker, and will look and feel like native apps. These apps are useful even when the user is offline. Because of all these amazing features, PWA has been reported to improve user engagement by up to 197%!

Top brands are now adopting PWAs like Pinterest, The Washington Post, Starbucks, and Forbes. All these companies have reported a huge increase in revenue and engagement and have reduced costs compared to using a native application.

Final Words

As a software developer, you must be keen on existing and emerging software development trends. Creating custom apps can change the way businesses engage with their customers, saving time and money in the long run. Using trends like A.I., PWA, and other technologies is also the key to a future-ready software that can adapt to new world situations.

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