Video Marketing for Small BusinessesVideo Marketing for Small Businesses

The past decade witnessed the evolution of the internet. The picture of content consumption has changed drastically in the past few years. According to reports, by 2022, 82% of the global traffic will come from streaming videos and downloads. To put it straight – people love videos. Hence, video marketing is a hot topic.

Video marketing can be groundbreaking for your small business. Small businesses can garner their target audience’s attention, eventually boosting sales and building a loyal customer base with the right marketing strategies. Still skeptical about implementing this marketing strategy? Let us look at seven key advantages of video marketing for small businesses.

Magnifies brand visibility

Small business owners often do it all, from sourcing their products to promoting them on social media platforms. It is, undoubtedly, hectic. Nowadays, businesses are reaping benefits from Instagram reels. This type of short-form video content gets comparatively more traction than others. According to reports, marketers achieved a 54% increase in brand awareness after implementing video marketing strategies. Hence, video marketing is an indispensable strategy. 

Live Streaming, Q&A sessions open up opportunities for businesses to connect with their audience. Collaborating with influencers is also an effective way to boost exposure. In this way, more and more people discover small businesses and help them get the much-needed visibility.

Boosts sales and better ROI

According to Oberlo, video marketers generate 66% more qualified leads per year. The number speaks for itself. Videos have the power to catch the audience’s attention. If the content is top-notch, it compels the audience to look for more information about a particular brand. 

Search Engine Journal says that 55% of consumers rely on videos before making purchase decisions. It reveals how impactful videos can be. There are proven ways to increase conversion rates. Examples include adding thumbnails in newsletters and adding explainer videos on the website landing page. 

Marketers worldwide also reported that video gets the most ROI compared to other forms of content. If you are still thinking about including videos in your marketing campaigns or not, this is the sign that you should!


13% of marketers do not include videos in their marketing campaigns because of hefty expenditure. We are here to tell you that it is possible to produce professional-looking videos without spending on expensive camera gear and other pieces of equipment. 

You can shoot stunning videos using your smartphone. Gain some expertise in using an online video editor like InVideo to produce cutting-edge videos for your business. If you have an in-house video editor, then you have already hit the jackpot!

Video marketing is still underutilized. Start before your competition does. However, this does not mean that you should upload multiple mediocre-quality videos in a row. Remember, a few high-quality videos with thousands of views is better than several monotonous videos with lesser views. 

Better SEO

Social media algorithms can be a mystery sometimes. However, we know one thing for sure: the algorithm loves videos. It shows people what they want to see. People are searching for businesses like yours. You need to stand apart from your competition here. Utilize SEO techniques while posting content to increase reach.

Using SEO-optimized titles goes a long way while posting videos on multiple social media platforms. Make sure your content delivers a clear and consistent message. In this way, you are more likely to get backlinks. Backlinks immensely help with SERPs. Relevant and visually appealing videos increase the dwell time of users on a particular website. As the bounce time reduces, the algorithm pushes the website further up the search results. 

Connection with customers

Videos add a human touch to a brand’s voice. People are more likely to watch videos than read long paragraphs. Content that resonates with customers evokes a sense of trust. Posting behind the scenes, interviews with the CEO, live streams, and webinars allows businesses to engage with existing and potential future customers. 

As per statistics, 37% of people said that testimonial videos from other customers felt more authentic than the ads circulated by the businesses. Creating customer testimonial videos using online video editors  are an inexpensive way to build a genuine emotional connection with your audience. Testimonial videos work on the principle of ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing. It illustrates the impact of the product on the customers’ lives which makes it an effective strategy to connect with the audience.

Appeals to mobile users

We spend a lot of time surfing and sharing videos on social media from our very own mobile devices. As per Small Biz Trends, 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others. Businesses should take advantage of this fact and optimize their content accordingly. Since the formatting needs to be appropriate for each social media platform, online video editors like InVideo can be of great help here. A poorly formatted video is likely to get skipped by the viewer, and you might be losing out on one customer too. 

Watching videos on mobile videos is an intimate and personal experience. Hence, businesses need to be sensitive in the way they present their tailored content. three out of four smartphone viewers surveyed in our research said having the choice to skip an ad. Brands should respect this boundary by giving viewers the choice as to what ads they want to consume.

Video is the future

In the age of VR and AR, video content is expected to evolve in unimaginable ways. So, start creating video content to keep up with future trends. Once you get in the groove, you can modify your content accordingly such that it meets customer expectations. 


We have summed up all the key benefits that small businesses can enjoy with video marketing campaigns. If you are worried about video editing, InVideo is here to assist. With 5000+ free templates, you can create professional-looking videos in just a few minutes. Dive into the world of video editing and start creating amazing content for your business. 

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By Grace