It’s indeed a great hassle to forget about the things you actually need when you are now on the trip. Of course, it’s unlikely that you would not keep in mind the basic things such as your gadgets and clothing.

But what about some of the hygienic paraphernalia, cosmetics, and other essentials that you are unaware you indeed need them?  

And to help you prevent this potential dilemma, I have listed some of the basic things you should never leave about to save you from the stresses that come along with forgetting things.

So without any further delays ado, let’s begin today’s discussion…

1. A c

Carrying a reusable water bottle with you will definitely save you money from spending on a new one every time you go thirsty. However, it is recommended that you do not reuse a typical mineral or distilled water bottle from a convenience store.

And this is the case because the plastic from these bottles breaks down easily when exposed to sunlight which releases harmful chemicals into your water.

It would be better if you avail yourself of a portable water container instead that is made of stainless steel or BPA-approved bottles.

2. Plastic or Trash Bags

Trash bags will is helpful in allowing you to manage your trash during your travel and properly dispose of them whenever a garbage can is available. Also, a plastic bag can be a lifesaver if you need something where you can store your muddy shoes or dirty clothes. 

3. A Packable Backpack or Eco-bag

A packable backpack or eco-bag will indeed provide convenience if you intend to visit the marketplace or local groceries of the place you have traveled to.

As the name suggests, you can put a number of things inside the pack, and it basically allows you to carry them from one place to another with ease.

4. Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are a piece of moist paper that absorbs unpleasant odor and moisture from your shoes. Your feet will significantly perspire if you wear shoes all the time and walk a great amount of time during your trip.

With this being said—the dryer sheet will definitely give you the help you need in ridding off the bad smells that have accumulated over time.

5. Hand Sanitizers, Rubbing Alcohol, and Wet Wipes

The apparent use of hand sanitizers, rubbing alcohol, and wet wipes are for hygienic purposes. They are especially useful since you are going to public places like airports and terminals most of the time. These items basically eradicate harmful pathogens from causing any health issues to you.

6. Universal Plug Adapter

Yes, a universal plug adapter is a must, especially if you are visiting another country, for that matter. You have to bear in mind that the voltages vary depending on the country you are visiting. For example, the standard voltage that runs the appliances in every American home is 110 volts, while European runs 220 volts on their electronics.

Remember that using a gadget with 110 volts requirement may cause irreparable damage if used in a 220-volt plug and vice versa.

7. Makeup Bag

A makeup bag will come in handy in any case you want to look your best when in public places. These come in pouches, which also act as an organizer for your beauty cosmetics and materials.

If you have a number of items to manage inside your traveling bag, then it would be a good idea to opt for custom makeup bags to relieve you of the hassle whenever you need to tidy up yourself.


Traveling to interesting places is indeed leisure that anyone would love to do. However, it could also be a source of stress if you are missing the necessary things that you actually need in a given circumstance. Some of the basic items are listed in the international moving guide.

The items I have listed above are only the basics. Most people likely forget that listing the items you need could save them money and frustration. You can make a list of your own and brainstorm, but be sure to consider the ones I have relayed today.

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By Grace