Most of us never visit the doctor until we are unwell or unless we’re in an emergency. 

You need to book a heart check-up once every few months to ensure everything is in proper condition and you’re not on the cusp of any life-threatening diseases. 

If you book regular heart check-ups, the doctors can find early signs of heart diseases, high cholesterol, and hypertension. 

What are some advantages of booking a heart check-up?

  • The doctors will screen your heart, and if they find something that needs to be treated, they will begin the treatment in its early stages. 
  • Several factors determine the heart condition of your heart, like age, sex, health condition, etc. Booking the check-up will ensure your heart is being treated the right way. 
  • Check-up is like a wake-up call for a few as they try to improve their lives and focus on healthy habits. 
  • When you book a heart check-up, it saves you money in the long run, as preventive check-ups will reduce the chances of getting surgery. 
  • By booking a heart check-up, you get a chance to improve your lifestyle and increase your lifespan. 

What are some preliminary tests that determine the heart’s condition? 

  • The blood pressure test is the most crucial as this condition has no symptoms, and the effects are directly related to the increase or decrease of blood pressure. 
  • Once you’re above 20, professionals will calculate the body mass index (BMI) and look at your health and composition. 
  • The doctors will check your blood glucose level every three years as higher glucose levels will put you at bigger risks. 

What are some risk factors that you must avoid for a healthy heart? 

  • Smoking causes a lot of diseases and is one of the top reasons why the internal organs become weak. So the doctor will suggest changes in your diet for the best results. 
  • The doctor will suggest some exercises to help reduce your excess body fat, which is the main reason for the development of major heart disease. 
  • If you consume more fatty and fried foods, you’re always at the risk of getting coronary heart disease. 
  • If you have type-I or Type-II Diabetes, then you’re at risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. 
  • If you do not adhere to a proper diet and nutrition, your body will never have the strength to fight against cardiovascular diseases. 

Bottom line

Book a heart check-up at reasonable prices from Bajaj Finserv Health.

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By Grace