The only sacred thing that characterizes WoW is the battle between two old bitter enemies. It was from the very beginning of the game, but in 2022 everything will change because although we will not see a complete reconciliation, we will be able to feel some thaw in relations with our enemies, whether they are representatives of the Alliance or the Horde. 

The game needed some kind of revival, as the number of gamers playing began to drop noticeably in recent years. Players have struggled for years to finally be able to play with their friends without changing their race. While this was not possible, many stopped playing. However, now the game will sparkle with new colors, which should arouse genuine interest among both experienced players and new ones. 

As the name suggests, war is an integral part of the game. Among such a huge variety of races, it is difficult to imagine a peaceful and calm existence. Each character belongs to one of two factions. This happens for several reasons: someone wants to survive in this cruel world, and someone wants to take part in achieving a common goal. Thus, the two sides have developed certain characteristics. In the first faction, the Alliance, concepts such as faith and social cohesion have power. While representatives of the other side, the Horde, value brute strength, valor, and the ability to adapt to any circumstances to survive. 

When the orcs attacked the humans, neither side was left with a chance but to form factions. Orcs rallied with other races who felt oppressed by humans, and humans, in turn, rallied with other races that were ever attacked by orcs. Thus, this enmity never subsided. Only sometimes there was a lull in their relationship when they had to join forces against an even greater evil that threatened to destroy all life. 

Expansions and relationships between factions 

Except for those expansions in which the factions united for a short period, then all other expansions are built precisely on the never-ending confrontation. In this regard, players belonging to two different parties see different content and tasks in the game. As a member of one of the parties, you see only those tasks that will help your faction and allow you to improve your character, which will be able to give a worthy rebuff to the enemy. 

However, over time, we were able to see how things were going to this point, that is, the possibility of the existence of cross-factions. At times, the content seemed illogical to many, but now everything is falling into place. In Battle for Azeroth, we could see how a faction, made up of orcs and other anti-human races, was able to get rid of the evil leader. Now, this faction is led by a council consisting of leaders of different races, like the Alliance. 

The pain will never subside and it will take a long time for wounds to heal, but there is hope that the bloody war will come to an end. 

How will this change affect the game? 

A huge number of players were delighted because they had been waiting for this for many years. However, along with this, many questions have arisen regarding how this will affect the game. At the moment, only a few details are known and we will only be able to find out about everything when the expansion is available to all players. 

Now we can only rely on the known. It is known how the search for teammates will take place. If earlier, when automatically assembling a team or during a manual search, it was possible to select only those who belong to the same side as you, now you can, during a manual search, search not only for representatives of your faction but also for your so-called enemies. As a result, the number of applicants is increasing exponentially. However, as far as automatic search is concerned, everything will remain unchanged here. At first, you can only team up with representatives of your faction. 

The upside is that now you can quickly find worthy players who can go on an adventure with you and do raids, dungeons, and other tasks with you. As we know, dungeons, especially with the increased level of difficulty, are especially challenging. Only a few can complete them flawlessly. In this case, everyone can use the Mythic Plus Carry to make their task easier. At the same time, you will receive not only partial or full completion, but also a rare gear, an exclusive mount, achievements, and other rewards. 

The changes will affect not only the currently available content but also the legacy one. Do not think that now you will have to interact exclusively with another faction. This will happen only if you want it. If you do not want to accept participants from the other side, then this will be your right. 

That is why you should not assume that the war will stop completely. It will remain because this is the sacred concept of the game, but for those who are tired of fighting, there will be an opportunity to team up with other players to achieve great success. 

Also, not all content will change. Missions specific to factions in which the other side cannot take part will remain as such. You will still need to complete them and improve your character to give a worthy rebuff to the enemy at the right time. 


It may seem that the dissatisfaction of a large number of fans of the game caused this change. This is true to some extent, but at the same time, it means that WoW will change a lot and this change will bring fans many exciting and positive moments. 

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By Grace