In competitive banking examinations, staying informed about the latest updates and schedules is paramount. The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) plays a pivotal role in this landscape, conducting a range of exams throughout the year. This article will unveil the details covered in the ibps exam calendar for 2023, providing candidates with a roadmap to plan their banking career aspirations.

Understanding the IBPS Exam Calendar

The IBPS Exam Calendar for 2023 is a comprehensive document that outlines the schedule of various exams conducted by the Institute throughout the year. It serves as a vital resource for aspirants aiming to pursue a career in the banking sector, providing essential information about exam dates, application deadlines, and other crucial details.

Exam Dates

The Calendar specifies the dates on which various exams will be conducted in 2023. These dates are crucial for candidates as they allow them to plan their preparation and exam strategy accordingly. Knowing the exam dates well in advance helps aspirants allocate sufficient time for each subject and revision.

Exam Names and Details

The calendar lists the names of the exams that IBPS will conduct in 2023. It includes well-known exams like the IBPS PO (Probationary Officer), IBPS Clerk, IBPS SO (Specialist Officer), and IBPS RRB (Regional Rural Bank) exams. For each exam, the calendar provides essential updates like the eligibility criteria, exam pattern, syllabus, and selection process.

Application Deadlines

Timely submission of applications is a critical step in the exam process. The IBPS Exam Calendar specifies the opening and closing dates for online registration for each exam. This information is vital for candidates to ensure they submit their applications within the stipulated time frame.

Preliminary and Main Exam Phases

For certain exams like IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk, the calendar distinguishes between the preliminary and main exam phases. This differentiation is essential as it allows candidates to plan their preparation strategies differently for each phase. Preliminary exams are usually shorter in duration and serve as a screening process, while main exams are more comprehensive and in-depth.

Interview Dates (if applicable)

For exams that involve interviews as part of the selection process, such as the IBPS PO and IBPS SO exams, the calendar provides information about interview dates and venues. Knowing these details allows candidates to make the necessary arrangements for their interviews.

Result Declaration Dates

The calendar also includes the expected result declaration dates for each exam. This information is valuable as it helps candidates know when to expect their results. It allows candidates to plan their next steps, such as preparing for interviews or appearing for subsequent stages of the selection process.

Guidelines and Instructions

In addition to specific exam details, the Calendar may contain general guidelines and instructions for candidates. These guidelines cover important topics such as how to apply online, the documents required during the application process, and other essential information that candidates need to be aware of.


The ibps exam calendar for 2023 serves as an indispensable tool for candidates aspiring to build a career in the banking sector. It provides a roadmap to navigate the intricate landscape of banking exams, offering critical information about exam dates, application deadlines, eligibility criteria, and more.

Aspirants should diligently refer to the Calendar and plan their preparation accordingly. Being well-informed about the schedule and details of these exams is the first step towards grading well in the bank-related examinations.

By Grace