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Ebba Busch, who hails from Gamla Uppsala (Sweden), is a Swedish politician. The birth date of Ebba is 25 April. Her zodiac sign, also known as a birth sign, is Taurus. Ebba represents old Swedish roots, following the Christian religion with full devotion. Busch’s former husband Niklas Thor is a professional football player from Sweden.     

Ebba Busch Physical Stats

Ebba Busch height, standing 5 feet and 6 inches tall. Ebba promotes fitness from the bottom of the heart. Therefore, she maintains her weight very well. Ebba Busch weight around 57 kg. Ebba Busch age 36 years old. Busch’s captivating brown eyes with blonde hair makes her look even better. She does not have any tattoo on her body. Ebba likes to make her body tattoo-free.   

Ebba Busch Childhood, Family Life, Kids

Truls Busch-Christensen and Helena Busch-Christensen raised their daughter Busch well, giving their all to put a smile on her face. Ebba did her studies with flying colours.

Her teachers feel proud to see her status now. Ebba married footballer Niklas Thor, after dating him for a long time in 2013. Many famous people from Sweden attended the wedding ceremony. The lovely couple is blessed to have to children – a son and a daughter. After six years or so, in December 2019, Ebba Busch and footballer Niklas Thor decided to part ways. They do not live together anymore. For kids, it is very hard to see their lovely parents not living and teaching them life-lessons. Parting ways with Niklas was a very challenging time for Ebba Busch. 

Ebba Busch Professional Journey

Ebba is a well-respected and famous celebrity from Sweden. She is a part of the Christian Democrats party. Busch has been working as the party leader since 2015. She represents Uppsala County. The members of Uppsala are happy with their leader as they feel that she a long-term future of her area.

Ebba saw a lot of hate in 2015 as she failed to make her impact bigger and better. The party did not receive a fine voting ratio. Ebba Busch is a very hard-working lady. She is famous for making fair decisions. For general people, Ebba is just a great light at the end of the tunnel. She works for the people too much that sometimes it does not help her give her family sufficient time.

Politics can be a great field if candidates are ready to work hard to make their nation bigger and better. Ebba is famous pelicans. She has indeed worked too much for reaching this level. For many young boys and girls, Ebba Busch can be a great inspiration to follow in this brick-and-mortar world.   

Ebba Busch Birthday

Ebba Busch shares her birthday with some well-known personalities such as Al Pacino, Daniel Sharman, Jay Park, Johan Cruyff, Renee Zellweger, Walter Mercado, and many others. Indeed, most of these gems make this world just out of this world in many different ways. 

Social Media

Ebba Busch has combined 200k plus followers on social media. She likes to share her professional work and personal life with her followers on major social media networks. 

Ebba Busch Net Worth 

Ebba Busch’s net worth is not fully clear. Politicians do not earn in millions – but they do earn handsome sums to enjoy a great life in many different ways. 

Ebba Busch Husband 

Niklas Thor, who works as a professional football player, hails from Norrkoping, Ostergotland County, Sweden. Niklas is a decent football player who is very famous in Sweden. The same is not case around the world. 

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