Emma Volkanovski

Emma Volkanovski is a famous WAG who is known as the better half of a great UFC fighter named Alexander Volkanovski. The way she has become a very popular name without doing much is a great look. She is an Australian who is a psychologist and has indeed done a great job helping her husband Volkanovski to shine in the UFC where one has to take the right steps to earn money.

She has a model-like look despite the fact she likes to stay at home and work on the growth of the family a better family. This does show a lot about Emma and what makes her famous. It is just that she has kept her Instagram profile private; otherwise, she would have got even more followers this is what tells a lot about Emma and what has made her famous and special in this article we would discuss in deep.

Emma Volkanovski Biography

Emma Volkanovski is a well-known Australian homemaker. She was born on 26 March 1990 in Shellharbour City Council, Australia. Therefore, it is widely clear that her zodiac sign is Aries. But she does not follow these signs at all. 26 March does make her share a birthday with Keira Knightley, Steven Tyler, Leslie Mann, Jennifer Grey, and many others.

She is a homemaker but also a psychologist. Hence, it does help her to manage some of the things very well. It is what makes her special and creative at the same time in terms of being that smiling face that everybody talks about.  

She does follow the Christian religion, but one has not seen him going to church as some of the other devotes do. Emma indeed represents white ethnicity. Her nationality is Australian. However, the world knows Emma as the wife of Alexander Volkanovski who is a famous UFC fighter.

Emma Volkanovski Physical Stats 

Blessed with amazing looks, Emma Volkanovski stands 5 feet and 9 inches tall. She has indeed the pure looks of a model. Emma is a huge fitness freak. It has indeed helped her to maintain her robustness. Firstly, Emma weighs around 63 kg. Emma Volkanovski age 34 yeras old. Secondly, her body measurements are 36-38-36 inches.

Dark brown eyes with blonde hair make her look even better. Emma’s feet size is 8 (US). However, her dress size is 6 (US). Emma does like tattoos. However, she is not too obsessed with it. Even she has not made any tattoos and to the plus side, Emma has not done any cosmetic surgery yet unlike other wags.

She does spend one hour at the gym every day with her husband. It has helped her to stay fit and set great examples at a time fitness is crucial. She is a very tall lady and is much taller than her husband.

Emma Volkanovski Family

Emma Volkanovski was born in Shellharbour City Council. However, she grew up in Sydney, Australia. Emma’s father, John Harris, is a farmer. Rose Harris, her mother, is also a farmer. Emma spent her childhood with two younger sisters named Jessica and Carmela Harris. The bond between the three sisters is indeed just amazing.

She is very much connected with her father who worked as an Information Technology professional. The very words of Emma have helped us to know her deeply.

Emma Childhood Education

She went to Cheltenham Girls High School. Emma’s keen interest in knowing the acts of the human brain led her to the University of Sydney. Hence, she earned a degree of B.Sc in Physiology.

She did call herself a naughty girl while talking about her school days. After that, the mega MMA WAG did share a note about her higher education.

Love Life and Marriage, Children

Alexander Volkanovski married Emma Volkanovski in May 2015. Despite being very famous, they welcomed limited numbers to the marriage ceremony. She used Harris’s surname before marrying Alexander. The lovely pair is blessed to have two daughters named Ariana and Airlie Volkanovski. The family do live in Australia.

Emma Volkanovski

However, they do visit the United States regularly. The Volkanovski family has adopted Boston a dog named Boston. Indeed, Boston is an important part of the family. 

“I would say that we are a family of five Boston is also a family member. In fact, he is the one who keeps the house and family alive and happy.

“I would call marrying Alexander as the best decision of my life as he is one who does feel for me and everyone around us,” Emma said.

The pair did meet at a random party and then they did start to date and in the end, it did turn for them to get married.

Professional Career

Emma plays her role as a homemaker. Her husband’s job is very challenging. Hence, Emma has to handle everything with extra care. She has completely dedicated her life to her family. It shows how much she loves Alexander. Emma is indeed an inspiration to many women around the world. Alexander knows the value of his wife. Therefore, he does his best to put a smile on Emma’s face. Emma loves to travel a lot. Thus, one can see her visiting different places every year.      

She did want to become a practice as psychiatrist. However, she did it for some years but then her husband’s job was such that she did not feel that it would be the best decision for her family.

Social Media & Net Worth

Emma does use social media. She likes to share her family life on Instagram. She has over 2,895 followers on Insta. Emma is a very down-to-earth lady. Hence, she has a limited following. In a way, she feels that it is not right for her to show what is happening in her life to all as her husband has an open social media handle and is being followed by many.

As he also posts pictures about family, it makes her not share much by making her Insta profile public. This is the reason it is private. Otherwise, she can get so many followers that can even make herself an influencer.

Emma Volkanovski Net Worth

Alexander Volkanovski is the UFC featherweight champion with a net worth of $3.5 million thanks to his MMA career. Emma has a net worth of half a million US dollars. She has a collection of 37 luxury bags and 70 footwear’s. She is obsessed with sports car and hence, the family owns one. They have a total of three luxury cars. Even the villa Emma has in Australia is huge. The family does have a base in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America. Emma, along with her husband, does help three NGOs in Australia and it does help to make their lives peaceful.

Husband – Alexander Volkanovski

Alexander Volkanovski is one of the greatest mixed martial artists ever. He was born on 29 September 1988 in Shellharbour City Council, Australia. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has given him a great platform. Alexander is a world-class fighter. He is indeed known for his brutal speed. In the world of UFC, he is known as one of the nicest professional fighters ever. One can see his interviews with Ariel Helwani on YouTube where it does give the idea that how much down to earth he is.

Alexander was born on 29 September 1988 in Wollongong, Australia. He is known as the best fighter ever from Australia in MMA history. He is also been known as one of the best Australian sportspersons ever. It does show the amount of fame and name he has gotten under the banner of UFC.

He did go to Lake Illawarra High School for getting a basic education. However, he always loved fighting sports and it later made him a successful person.  

He has also topped the list of UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings in the eyes of many and it does show the fact how great of a fighter he has been in the world of MMA.


Q Who is Emma Volkanovski?

Emma Volkanovski is the better half of UFC superstar Alexander Volkanovski.

Q How old is Emma Volkanovski?

Emma Volkanovski is 34 years old as she was born on 26 March 1990.

Q What is the net worth of Emma Volkanovski?

Emma Volkanovski has a net worth of USD 500k, which means half a million.

Q Who is Alexander Volkanovski wife?

Emma Volkanovski is the wife of Alexander Volkanovski.

Q Is Alexander Volkanovski married?

Yes, Alexander Volkanovski is a married man. Emma Volkanovski is the name of his wife.

Emma Volkanovski Hobbies and Trivia

  • Emma Volkanovski does like read books, travel and spend time with her friends.
  • She does like pink and blue colours the most.
  • Emma’s beloved Hollywood actor is Chris Hemsworth.
  • She does like Indian and Western cushions the most.
  • Emma does like mango ice cream the most.
  • Emma is a huge dog lover and has adopted a dog also.
  • She has kept her Insta profile private.
  • Emma does not smoke.
  • She does like to drink wine and beer.
  • She does know how to swim.
  • Emma does like to take long walks with her dog.
  • She is a huge MMA fan now.

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