Evelina Kamph

Evelina Kamph is one of the most known Spanish WAGs out there. She is the partner of football gentleman Juan Mata who is known for his time at Chelsea and Manchester United in the Premier League. It is the only reason behind the fame of Evelina, who is a celebrity wife and lives with a man who is a pure gem. Everybody who meets Juan feels that he is the milk of human kindness. Hence, Evelina is lucky to have a partner who is a pure gem and knows. Hence, it did make us feel to talk about her more and ask her to direct what it is like to be the partner of a star footballer.

Evelina Kamph Bio

Evelina Kamph is the girlfriend of the Spanish footballer Juan Mata. Born in Hollviken, Sweden, Evelina arrived in this brick-and-mortar world on 23 February 1990. She does share her birthday with Emily Blunt, Emily Blunt and so many other famous names who have done great jobs in their careers.

23 February makes Pisces her zodiac sign. But she does not believe in these zodiac signs at all. Evelina has Swedish nationality. Evelina does represent white ethnicity. She does follow the Christian religion and sees it as a great way in her life to be happy and content. However, the world knows her as the partner of Spanish football player Juan Mata.

Evelina Kamph Basic Information

  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
  • Height: 5 feet, 6 inches 
  • Weight: 58 kg 
  • Body measurements: 32-26-32 inches 
  • Bra size: 32B
  • Eye colour: Dark Brown 
  • Hair: Blonde 
  • Feet: 6 (US) 
  • Dress: 4 (US)
  • Tattoos: Yes – 2 in total 

Love Life of Evelina Kamph

Evelina Kamph

While working for a local bar in London back in 2012, Evelina Kamph met her then-future love, Juan Mata, for the first time. The Spanish footballer liked the way she was carrying herself. Surprisingly, Mata did not know that Evelina Kamph was a student of osteopathy. In an interview given to a Spanish magazine, Juan said that he did not know anything about osteopathy before meeting his love of life. 

They have been in a sound relationship since September 2012. Earlier, they lived in London from 2012 to 2013. In January 2014, the former Valencia player made a move to Manchester. Hence, Evelina had to move with him. Evelina and Juan do live a beautiful house in Manchester – but they do have a good-looking place to live in Madrid too, which is the nation of Mata.

Despite Mata being a very soft-hearted gentleman, he does not have planned to welcome any kid in his life at present. However, one can see him announcing good news in the coming future possibly.  

Evelina Kamph Father, mother and Education 

Kamph is the beloved girl of James and Cristiana Kamph. Evelina proudly feels blessed to have a younger brother Tony Kamph. A student of science, Evelina did her schooling at Stora Hammars Skola. Many students do not pay keen interest in their studies. However, the same was not the case with Kamph. In fact, she was too obsessed with the subject that it led her to join the British School of Osteopathy in London. 

She did like to have a great relationship with her parents as they did pamper her a lot when she was growing up.

The WAG did also tell us that she like to have long walks with her father when she was a child and he used to always drop her at school. This does tell a lot about the father and mother love which is sensational in many different ways.

Evelina Kamph Professional Career

Evelina Kamph worked for the United Kingdom-based brand Rich Therapies as an osteopathic medical professional. Being the girlfriend of Juan Mata, she has got a lot of fame despite her field is not very famous in the UK and around the world. Evelina’s road to success was very hard. However, it did not make her feel down. In fact, she worked harder in dark times to become bigger and better. 

Mata did leave Manchester in 2022 and moved to Galatasaray and hence, she did also move to Turkey with him. It does show how much sacrifice Evelina has done in her life.

Social Media 

The soul mate of Juan Mata is not a huge fan of social media – but she has over 8,000 followers on Instagram, which is private. According to an Insta follower of Evelina, she mostly likes to share her personal life on SM. As she is like her husband, very down to earth, Evelina Kamph has kept his social media account private. Otherwise, she would have become an influencer also as the number of people Juan Mata is exposed to is just mesmerising. She does think twice before making one see her life and it does kind of work in a positive way for her as she is whom she can let enter her world.  

Evelina Kamph Net Worth

Evelina Kamph’s net worth is $100,000 thousand. However, her partner Juan Mata has a net worth of USD 67 million as of 2023. Hence, it does show that she is a rich lady. Even Evelina is the one who did push Juan to donate a fraction of his earnings to help children from Mumbai, India, to have a good life. It did make even Mats Hummels and others join the project.

Evelina does love luxury life. They do have a house in Spain and Manchester. It does tell a lot about the luxurious life they live where they have millions of USD to spend and have a great life. Evelina has 50 luxury bags with her. YSL is her beloved luxury brand.

Evelina Kamph husband

Juan Mata is one of the most famous attacking midfielders from Spain. He made his national team debut in 2009. A year later, Mata assisted Spain to win their first-ever FIFA World Cup in 2010. He played for Real Madrid Castilla, Valencia and Chelsea before making a move to Manchester United in 2014. He did leave the Red Devils in 2022 and joined the Turkish side of Galatasaray. For Spain, he did retire in 2016. But what he has done for his nation is valuable as Mata did play a crucial role in Spain’s 2010 World Cup victory.

He is known for his creative play as a number 10 and despite not being too physical in his style of play, Juan did manage to have a great career in the PL. It was just that at Man United, he did never play as a number 10. Mostly on the right wing, the managers did use this creative player who could have done wonders as a number 10. Otherwise, Man United would have got better results from Mata, who had a great football brain. He is a 2012 UEFA European Championship winner also for Spain, which shows what he has done in his career. Mata is also one of the most respected footballers of all time.  


Q Who is Evelina Kamph?

Evelina Kamph is the long-term partner of former Manchester United player Juan Mata.

Q Is Juan Mata married?

Evelina Kamph is partner of Juan Mata but they have not married yet.

Q Who is Juan Mata partner?

Evelina Kamph is the partner of former Spain international Juan Mata.

Q Who is Juan Mata wife?

Juan Mata is not married. Hence, one can call Evelina Kamph his partner only.

Q Is Evelina Kamph married?

No, Evelina Kamph is not married yet to Juan Mata.


  • The hobbies of Evelina Kamph are dancing, reading books and watching football.
  • She is a huge Man United fan.
  • Evelina loves pink colour the most.
  • She can speak English and Spanish languages.
  • Evelina does watch a lot of Hollywood movies.
  • She does like to travel also with her husband during the summer break.
  • Evelina does like to eat Tacos a lot.
  • She is a huge fan of Indian food also.
  • Evelina does like to drink soft drinks as she feels it is not good for the body.
  • Evelina is not the wife of Juan Mata but his partner as they have not married yet.
  • Kamph does like to read fictional books the most.
  • Kamph does not smoke.
  • She does love to have a glass of wine.
  • Evelina does know to drive a car.
  • Earlier, she did like to do clubbing a lot.
  • Her husband does help NGOs in Mumbai so children in slum can get basic things.

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