So you’ve just found a space to revamp. While some adjustments are minor, others require material, craftsmanship, time, and money. Flooring, for instance, is one tricky aspect of a space that can burn a hole in your wallet. Uneven flooring leaves no room for making the space functional. But how can you even it out at a much cheaper rate? Introducing solutions like adjustable pedestals can be the easiest and smartest way to floor a location. 

What to Look For

When buying these pedestals, don’t buy the first ones you find. The adjustable pedestals must do the bare minimum, but to be a worthy investment, they must also have the following characteristics. 


The pedestals should be lightweight. When building floors, you don’t want to overburden the lower strata with heavy material. Since flooring using pedestals does not require sand or concrete, lower floors of the building structure need to support less weight. 


If you’re taking care of the flooring, you definitely will use the space. The best pedestals are strong and can withstand heavy weight without buckling. 


Pedestals can be used in indoor spaces and outdoors. A few outdoor ideas include rooftops, backyard decks, pool surrounds, walkways, sundecks and verandas. For events, this form of temporary flooring can help you save money. 

Height Range

How uneven is your floor? If you find extremes, you might have to work on the flooring to decrease the height difference before you can use the pedestals. Keep an eye out for pedestals with an extensive height range, so you don’t have to exhaust savings before buying them. 


Not all adjustable pedestals can be used with different flooring materials. Granite, marble, concrete, and porcelain are a few flooring options. Some varieties support all of these if you’re looking for the best pedestal. You just need to understand where to look.  

What Makes Them Special?

Why not just fill it with sand or concrete to even it out? 

Water Drainage

Flooring using pedestals allows water to seep through and drain below the floor instead of pooling on it—a perfect choice for poolside decks. 

Hiding Wiring

A lot of wiring can ruin the look of a space. To keep clean, aesthetic spaces on top of their game, you can hide wires in the space below tiles. Moreover, hiding wires away might help make the area more secure since it prevents accidents. 

Easy to Replace

The whole point of the adjustable pedestals is that you can change your mind whenever you wish. Want an even floor? You got it. Want to elevate a part of it? No worries. The possibilities are endless. 

Keep the Cold Out

The space between the ground and the pavers provides thermal insulation. During the cold months, your home will be warmer. This space also soundproofs your area to a certain extent. It won’t block sound altogether, but it can make busy spaces more peaceful. 

Environment-Friendly Flooring

Who talks about how permanent flooring structures can be dangerous for the environment? Well, you heard it here first. The raised flooring does not require any adhesives to be fixed. There are no chemicals that seep into the grounds. Most materials used to make pedestals are also recyclable. Since all you need to do to make a change is adjust their height or replace the paving, you don’t contribute to land pollution. 

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By Grace