Mike Majlak

Mike Majlak is a YouTuber, social media celebrity, photographer, author, and blogger from the United States. Mike was also the Lovesac Company’s Marketing Manager. Following his encounter with Paul Logan and the debut of the ‘Impulsive’ podcast on YouTube, Mike quickly gained notoriety.

Mike Majlak Early Life

Mike was born in the United States, in the town of Milford, Connecticut. Majlak now lives in California, in the United States. Robin Majlak gave birth to him. Little is well known about his father, except that he is of French American ancestry. Abby Majlak as well as Jill Majlak are his two sisters. Mike attended Fordham University but didn’t even graduate. Mike finished his high school education at a local Connecticut high school.

Mike Majlak Girlfriend

Lana Rhoades is Mike Majlak’s girlfriend. Lana Rhodes used to be a pornstar. Lana is a former adult industry celebrity, which wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. Lana and Mike began dating in 2020. Some sources claim that Logan Paul arranged for this couple’s meeting, and upon their first encounter, they hit it off. Mike and Lana make a number of fascinating YouTube videos together.

Mike Majlak Career

Majlak is a marketing guru in his field. Mike’s runs a company called Lovesac and has worked with celebrities such as Logan Paul, Lydia Kenney as well as Ayla Woodruff. At first, Mike had begun working for Nice Guy Promotions as a social media promoter. Mike then began blogging and worked as an event photographer for The Essential Foodie. Majlak’s Instagram photos demonstrate his love of photography.

Majlak has taken some stunning photographs. Mike rose to prominence after he began working with Logan Paul. Mike and Logan became acquainted. Logan and Mike both had similar personalities and decided to start a podcast together. Impaulsive Podcast, their podcast, became a massive success. Since then, the duo Logan and Mike has gained a large following. In October of 2018, Paul and Majlak released their first podcast.

Mike Majlak Age

Mike is 37 as of 2022, and his birthday is on January 13. By zodiac sign, Mike Majlak is a Capricorn. Mike grew up in Milford, Connecticut, in the United States. Mike’s nationality is American. Mike is white and Christian.

Mike Majlak

Mike Majlak Net Worth

Mike Majlak’s net worth is 1.5 million as of 2022. Mike earns approximately 50,000 per year. Majlak makes the majority of his money from sponsored content on his social media accounts. Impulsive, a podcast and merchandise deals are two sources of Majlak’s additional income. Mike also earns money from brand partnerships with companies such as Dollar Shave Club.


  • Majlak lives an opulent lifestyle throws lavish parties for his famous friends, and even works as a Youtuber.
  • Mike Majlak takes the charter flight.
  • Land Rover Vogue owned by Lana Rhoades’ boyfriend.
  • Majlak is obsessed with weapons, and we’ve seen photos of him at the shooting range.
  • Mike adored dogs and once had a puppy named Kong, who passed away in 2019.
  • Mike Majlak’s YouTube channel has 990,000 subscribers.

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