Chikankari kurtas are a stylish version of semiformal wear that finely blends with other spectacular attires. The small details like the tightly knitted embroidery and exquisite craftsmanship are the main reasons why many people choose them to boost their fashion. In this comprehensive guide, we will look at how to wear chikankari kurtis in your day-to-day life, as well as in formal settings. Whether you’re a teen who likes to be fashionable or a GenZ conscious of their stylistic aspect, this article will be your source of understanding and guidance in rocking your chikankari kurtis.

1. Casual Chic: Effortlessly Styling Chikankari Kurtis for Everyday Wear

If you desire a casual and relaxed appearance, then go for jeans with denim or leggings. Such mastering results in a combination that presents a perfect fusion of classy traditional and the latest fashion style. Stick to the skinny jeans and jeggings or just go for the casual boyfriend jeans style to make your body look slimmer or try something more relaxed. As for the shoes, opt for flats or sneakers that are more comfortable than other stilettos or high heels to walk comfortably all day.

2. Pairing Chikankari kurtis with denim jeans or leggings for a relaxed look

The presence of your chikankari kurtis with denim jeans/ leggings and colors in your choice of outfit is important. Team up white or beige Kurta (Indian attire) with dark denim to make the contrasting look or for a more consistent look stick with the same color. Try different lengths and some long asymmetrical and short flared style kurtis, to create a characteristic casual wardrobe.

3. Incorporating Chikankari kurtis into your weekend wardrobe for brunches or shopping trips

Weekend outings like brunching or shopping can be more enjoyable with the addition of chikankari kurtis to your weekend dresses. Alternatively, go for more compact kurtas styled simply with leggings or jeggings for optimum comfort and great looks. You can add a thin cardigan or a denim jacket to your kurtis for added warmth and tastefulness. Top off your look with a crossbody bag and shoes of your liking, for example, High heels, loafers, or ankle boots.

4. Styling Chikankari kurtis with tailored trousers or palazzos for a more polished appearance

Shop chikankari kurtis For a softer look, lace trousers or culottes in fabrics like silk or linen could be used. These fabrics not only add a touch of class to your dress but also bring home a touch of luxury. Try to pick up a pair of indigo denim with a plain khadi kurti in a different shade to have a look that would impress! The Kurti can be refined by pulling it in to bring visual structure. 

5. Chikankari Kurtis for Workwear: Striking the Balance between Professionalism and Style

Beautiful embroidered and colored shop chikan kurtis can be added to your workwear wardrobe and these will just strike the right note of optimum professionalism along with style. While not the easiest option, nicu kurtis in soft or pastel shades are very perfect for a quietly elegant look. Combine them such that they can be worn with either tailored bottoms or pencil skirts for a professional profile. Team your kurtas with curvy blazers or sweaters to have the perfect office ensemble. 

6. Pairing Chikankari kurtis with tailored trousers or pencil skirts for a professional look

The matching of chikankari kurtis along with formal trousers or pencil skirts can become a professional source of look. Dark-colored or neutral fabrics like black, gray, or navy blue will best suit creating a suitable outfit. Just like Garima’s ethereal kurti, make sure you tuck in your kurti for a cleaner look. Be mindful of the kurti length and ensure that it is long enough (that the purpose of the covering is served) but not too long (that it looks too casual for the office).

7. Adding structured blazers or cardigans to layer your Chikankari kurtis for a polished office ensemble

Shop chikan kurtis, Try adding layering your chikankari kurtis with epaulets or cardigans; this will give your office look a formal touch. Go for blazers in the toned-down colors of black, blue navy, or grey. Pick simple and plain cardigans in cotton or cashmere fabric as a lightweight and elegant option to add to your wardrobe. Be sure that the length of a blazer or cardigan is the same length as the kurti does for a balanced and classy outfit, which gets you wanted.

By Grace