At some point in the digital revolution, we have all wondered about the impact of the ever-growing gaming on the minds of young people and adults alike. There is still relatively little research on the subject, but a few studies have found surprisingly positive results.

Most people in the West have, at least once, played a video game. Although there are people who play for work in the world today, most of us focus only on hobby activities.

There are many ways to play. Most common platforms are consoles, computers, tablets and smartphones. The most played genres include action games, role-playing games, simulation games, adventure games and last but not least, strategy games. It is possible to bring up positive aspects of all of them, which speak in favor of playing. 

All games have some kind of problem-solving element that forces the player to be creative and decisive. Multi-tasking is also often required. Constantly changing situations requires fast decision making skills. Video gaming helps to improve information processing skills faster and faster. The ability to react to apply new information to make decisions is accelerated.

Best console games come with great benefits

Video gaming has been said to be linked to how satisfied players feel and how they perceive their own mental health. This is certainly great news for anyone who has been concerned and worried about the issue, for example in terms of their own children’s gaming. This issue has been discussed further in Parhaat konsolipelit 2023, a Finnish gaming site.

The results show that multitasking, which is an integral part of gaming, is associated with poorer concentration. On the other hand, however, gaming has been found to have a positive effect on reaction speed and memory.

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, gaming may even have significant benefits for the information processing abilities of some brains. Gaming as a whole is a fairly demanding brain exercise. A few studies have found that the more young people played, the better they performed on tasks such as those requiring working memory. They also have faster reaction times and find it easier to switch attention from hearing to sight and vice versa.

Since a lot of sight and hearing are constantly used during gaming, it can at best develop both senses significantly. As you probably know, games often consist of quite wonderful and precise details, both in terms of image and sound. Recognizing and understanding both of these helps the senses to develop. It’s still good to remember that no single game in itself is the key to happiness. So a single game cannot help improve cognitive skills uniformly. Each game therefore offers a tool to always improve some specific abilities.

The biggest benefits of playing video games

Playing games teaches players languages, develops cognitive skills, tells stories and promotes social skills. At its best, it can provide great experiences of success.

It’s still good to remember that the types of games can affect what kind of effects they have. For example, playing stressful and time-consuming games can have completely different results than if you watch a leisurely, relaxed game. So it is assumed that the game matters.

It is also worth noticing that satisfaction is difficult to measure, mostly  because players can experience it for many different reasons when playing, we are individuals after all.

Recognise the risks

It is an undeniable fact that playing console games can also become a problem. As you might guess, this is when gaming no longer has such a positive effect on the brain. Instead, the result is a collapse of cognition. When we talk about problems in console gaming, it is clear that there is little social interaction, for example, which can cause serious problems in the real world.

However, when it comes to multitasking, it was found that people who were doing many things at the same time had difficulty concentrating on tasks that required a long-term approach. On the other hand, it is not at all certain whether such people are specifically multitaskers, who are already inherently less able to concentrate.


For the majority of players, games are fun and useful and simply fun things to do together. However, for some of the players, the games cause various levels of disadvantages, such as a weakening of everyday control and a narrowing of life outside the game world.

With the help of increasing research, we can find out and understand how to create the joy of gaming for everyone.

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By Grace