Storing and preserving foods is a delicate matter to talk about because mismanagement could spoil them. And you have to remember that food that goes rancid could potentially poison you and the members of the family when they are consumed.

In addition, preserving foods with chemicals and substances isn’t a good idea because they may be hazardous as well.

So how can we preserve food naturally?

For today, I will provide some of the best ways you can properly handle your food and preserve them for long periods.

Why is Preserving Food Important?

There are three primary reasons why preserving food is important, which include the following—

  • The most apparent reason preserving food is important is because it prevents the development of pathogenic bacteria like Salmonella, E. Coli, and other harmful pathogens.
  • Another obvious motive for preserving food is to maintain its quality for the next consumption
  • Also, preserving your food allows you to save money

What are the Common Methods in Food Preservation You Can Do at Home?

Now, below are the basic methods for preserving your foods for long periods—

  • Freezing

The refrigerator is a staple of every household across the globe. Also, storing and freezing your foods are the most basic way you can preserve them and maintain their quality.

And this is the case because the decomposition method is hindered, which allows meat and perishable goods to be preserved under extremely low temperatures.

  • Salting

Applying salt to meat and fish is another common method people use in preserving foods. The practice of salting foods is actually a process that has been observed since the Mesolithic period. 

It is extremely effective because bacteria that thrive in decomposing organic materials die off when exposed to high levels of sodium.

  • Chilling

The chilling process also involves storing your food in the refrigerator. But unlike freezing, it doesn’t require you to put the knob under extremely low temperatures. As the name suggests, it is set up to a considerably cold temperature that is just sufficient to preserve the meat and perishable goods.

However, the only thing that you have to take note of here is that it may only effectively store the food for about a day or so. Some of the popular foods that are stored in chillers are fruits, vegetables, and pastries like cake.

  • Sugaring

Using sugar as a compound in the preservation is probably one that you might have never thought of using. For one thing, bacteria thrive in a sugary environment.

However, this isn’t the case in areas where there’s a high level of sugar. What basically happens is that sugar actually thwarts the development of bacteria by absorbing and reducing water content.

You also have to carefully select the type of sugar you are going to use. Some of the best sugar compound for preservation includes honey, sugar syrup, and sugar granules.

  • Canning

If you have the equipment and materials for canning, putting your food inside a tin can lengthen the quality of the food and prevent it from spoiling, which could last you for many years.

However, you have to take note of the proper procedure when you are considering canning. To remove the oxygen, you will need to airtight the can and use compounds like a certain acid, sugar, or sodium.

  • Vacuumed Package

You can use a particular package to keep your foods if you do not intend to store them for long periods. Some examples of storage that you can use include an airtight container, zip lock, or Mylar bags, just to name a few of them.

If you have various food items to store, then it’s highly suggested to categorize them, such as custom mylar bags, in order for you to conveniently find the ones you are looking for.


There are several methods for preserving meat and other perishable foods and extending their quality for long periods. You just have to find the one that best fits your preferences. For example, if you intend to store for a year, you can use the process of canning and freezing.

On the other hand, if it’s only for a short period, you can turn to vacuumed package or chilling.

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By Grace