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500M users have never been a small number. For many founders of start-up, this number can only come in dreams. However, this is what the news of Facebook who have let 500M users and their data go away. This is not the first time the data has been taken from Facebook. The big question comes here that why does other social media platforms and mega brands like Google and Apple do not face similar problems. It is not like they do nor face problems. But in many times, these companies work hard on preventing things.

Hence, it opens many things to analyse. Indian business tycoon Mukesh Ambani feels that new age tech companies should pay users money for selling their data as it does not leave them to leak things for making money. Ambani, who is one of the richest persons in the world, does believe that it is crucial to ask users before using their data in any form as it can be best for Information Technology industry to be ethical. This does tell how social media firms and mega tech brands are working in.

The quest to earn money is leading things to a drastic level. One can’t sell the data or let it go anywhere when users are backing them to have millions in the bank account. Hence, it is crucial for them to take every step wisely and keep on making things better for every single angle.

This attack has taken away Facebook ID numbers, email addresses, and phone numbers.

However, reports say that figure was around 533m – newmanwired – showing the huge impact. This does tell a lot about making an impact. It does lead things to many hard situations around the world. This is what makes them special.

In India, a user told how things get worse when hackers get information from social media apps and use it in a bad manner. This does tell a lot about how the change happens and how it leads things to a drastic level. A hacker stole the Yahoo Id via Facebook of a user and changed the Facebook ID and password. As his Insta account was linked with it, it did help him to track what changes are they making. Even he can’t change his name of Insta. He did raise this issue – but they wre not answering it. Hence, it does tell how things can be bad when there is no plan Meta has to see what their users are going through.

It does make Facebook look red – newmanwired – look in the very best way. This is the way they do make things look worse for users.

It also shows that Facebook red team as to work well to make their face better in public and do things according to the book – hay newmanwired – in a creative manner. This does indeed tell a lot about Users and their values which Meta has forgotten as they do not even replay. This does indeed tell a lot about them and their behaviour, which does seem to be very bad.

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