In Melbourne, the popularity of wedding bands is not a new phenomenon. Wedding bands in Melbourne have been around since the beginning of time, and they’re still going strong. They’re an excellent way to get people up on their feet and dancing, which makes them perfect for weddings.

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to get married later in life. With that comes much planning, including choosing wedding bands. Weddings have many different options for what you can use as your engagement ring and your wedding band. So, let’s understand how to select your ideal wedding bands in Melbourne.

What Is the Budget?

When selecting your wedding bands, you’ll want to consider what you’re looking for in a band and what the budget will allow. 

Some couples opt for more traditional wedding bands, which can be found at jewellery stores or online. These bands are typically made from metal but may also be made from other materials such as plastic or resin. 

Another option is to go with something more contemporary. This could mean opting for a band made of stainless steel or another metal alloy that doesn’t rust.

Types of Bands

When choosing your wedding bands, you have a few different bands to consider. Here are the most common:


Diamond bands are the most popular type of band. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be made from multiple materials, including gold, platinum, and stainless steel. The main reason diamond wedding bands are so popular is that they symbolise eternal love.


Platinum bands are similar to diamond wedding bands in popularity and symbolism. However, platinum is less expensive than diamonds and less brittle, which means it can last longer without tarnishing. Some people also prefer platinum because it’s less conspicuous than diamond rings when worn outside the home.


Silver bands are another popular type of band. They’re ideal for couples who want something lightweight and dainty–not as flashy or ostentatious as gold or platinum rings can be. Silver rings also look great with any skin colour and can be made from several different materials, including sterling silver, copper, or titanium.


Steel bands are another option for couples who want something unique but not too flashy or over the top. These rings are often considered more stylish than other metal options like titanium or copper, though they’re less durable.

What Type of Wedding Bands Do You Want?

There are many options when choosing the wedding band for your life partner. The first choice you must make is whether or not you want a classic band or a unique style.

Classic: A traditional wedding band is made of one continuous piece of metal that has been polished and shaped into the perfect size for your ring finger. They’re usually sold with engravings on either side detailing love or another special message from you to your significant other.

Comfort Fit: Comfort fit bands are explicitly designed with comfort in mind—that means they’re more comprehensive than most rings so that they don’t squeeze too tightly against your finger and cause discomfort over time. These bands also tend to be less expensive than other styles since they require less metal material but still have all the same benefits as classic engagement rings.

Contour Fit: Contour fit wedding bands have rounded edges rather than sharp ones like most standard engagement bands—but this difference doesn’t stop at aesthetics. It also improves comfort by ensuring every inch fits snugly against your skin without causing any irritation like some other types might be due to chafing too much friction between them (which could lead to soreness after long periods). You’ll notice these kinds come in two sizes: “full” and “half”.

Choosing Your Ring Size

When choosing your wedding bands, it is crucial to consider your size. A common misconception is that bigger is always better for wedding bands. If your finger size falls within the average range, you can safely choose a ring size slightly smaller than what you typically wear. This will ensure that the ring band fits snugly and looks proportional on your finger.

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By Grace