An NFL futures bet is wagering on specific outcomes that will happen in the future. For example, you can place a bet before the season starts on who will win the Super Bowl. You can make a bet at longer odds before the season starts. Bookmakers will give longer odds because it is difficult to predict season-long winners. 

When can you make an NFL future bet?

You can make an NFL future bet prior to the start of the season but bookmakers also take bets throughout the season. Sportsbooks will keep adjusting the odds depending on factors such as injuries, trades, player performance, and team performance. Sports betting odds can shift on a weekly, daily, and even hourly basis. 

How do you read future betting odds?

Future betting odds usually appear in list form. A list shows each option and the odds, starting from the best chances to win to the worst. A team set with the favorites to win is listed at the top at +500. A team with longer odds to win is listed at the bottom at +2800. Futures bets with a lower implied probability hold more risk of losing. As the risk is high, the potential payout is greater. The more you bet, the more you could win, and the higher the odds, the more your potential payout could be.

Are there many betting options?

When it comes to NFL futures bets, there is a long list of options. Online sportsbooks usually post odds on individual awards at the end of the season, such as Coach of the Year or Rookie of the Year. They also take bets on statistics for the whole season, such as who will have the most touchdown passes. 

One of the online gambling mistakes you can make when placing NFL futures bets is to let emotions like fear or greed dictate your moves. This means you can hold onto a losing position for too long and exit a profitable one too soon. 

Where can you make future bets?

You can bet on futures at all sportsbooks. It makes sense to shop around because some sportsbooks offer better futures than others. When you make your future bet, it is locked in. What happens during the rest of the NFL schedule doesn’t matter. Your odds are locked in despite how often sportsbooks may adjust their future odds thereafter. 

By Grace