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More and more companies are seeing the obvious advantages of hybrid working and have readily adopted it and are enjoying the benefits of having decreased overheads, even when increasing their headcount.

While most employees also prefer this working arrangement and are generally more productive, especially on the days when they work remotely, there are still areas that you can look at that can increase their productivity and efficiency even further. 

Coworking Rental Spaces: Catalysts for Efficiency in the Hybrid Work Era

As the workforce landscape undergoes a transformative shift towards hybrid work models, businesses are exploring innovative solutions to optimize the efficiency of their remote and on-site teams. Among these solutions, coworking space rentals emerge as influential factors in creating a conducive environment for hybrid workers. The flexibility, professionalism, networking opportunities, adaptability, and technological support provided by coworking spaces address the diverse needs of hybrid work models.

#1 Their home environment

While you cannot change where people live, you can help ensure they can work comfortably. This might involve offering to finance an ergonomic desk and chair for their spare room – after all, they will be sitting in them for around 8 hours a day. This will be especially important if they are currently utilizing their kitchen table and getting disturbed every time somebody wants a drink or a snack.

You should also ensure they have everything they need technology-wise, rather than just giving them a laptop and letting them get on with it. They might require a decent keyword if they write a lot of extra screens to mimic what they had in the office.

#2 Accessing applications remotely

Of course, with people now working remotely some of the time, they are still going to need to access all of the files and applications they use while in the office. So this process goes smoothly, and your workers can access everything they need to without interruptions, you will need to invest in the best ingress controller for Kubernetes available.

This will act like door staff to your apps and files, controlling access to only authorized data requests and funneling data along different paths so that no one part becomes overloaded. This means your network is secure and should operate efficiently, no matter how many people try to use it.  

#3 Communication and emotional support

Many workers will miss the social element of being in the office every day, and with some people hot-desking or coming into the office infrequently, they might not see the people they used to sit next to from one month to the next. This can curb creativity and efficiency and cause loneliness and detachment among some of your team.

To combat this, you should ensure they have they have the means to communicate and not just about work. Setting up a team or company WhatsApp group could be a start, or a separate channel on an app like Slack for purely social chat, which you should encourage, as it helps with morale and productivity. You should also host regular meetings at the start and end of every day, not to keep a check on people, but so they know the working day has ended and it is time to log off and have some time to themselves.

Final thoughts

Hybrid working can boost efficiency, but you can take things one step further by ensuring your team has everything they need and can access the files and apps required to do their jobs easily. You should also take time to create a social online environment so your workers do not lose connections with each other and their work suffers because of loneliness.

By Grace