Discussions about the Grudge engraving have raged on the cheap lost ark gold global servers ever since Argos was introduced to the game’s world. While Grudge grants the user a bonus damage to boss creatures that increases in proportion to the user’s level, it also increases the incoming damage dealt to them by 20%, making it a dangerous tool in raids and abyssal dungeons.

Initial concerns about the Argos raid stemmed from Korean players who had previously played on the KR server; however, the global version of the Argos raid did not appear to be as detrimental to the KR server. It was common for KR server users to be insta-killed if they were hit, but this was not the case for players on the global servers. Several users expressed concern that cheap lost ark gold had dropped a weaker version of Argo’s on the global servers… but it turned out to be the same Argos as before. The most significant difference, it turned out, was that almost no one chose Grudge on the global servers while attempting Argos on the local servers.

The engraving of Argos and the Grudge

Argos was made available about a month after the global servers were made available. At the time, it was difficult to bring 3-tier accessories to the encounter, and the majority of users lacked the knowledge and experience that Korean users possessed at the time. There was a significant difference between the newcomers on the KR servers and those on the global servers. New players on the KR servers should engage Argos with at least a 331 or a 333 setup to get a feel for the game. Global server players were far behind in comparison, and it’s clear that they made a mistake by choosing Grudge as their mode of choice.

Because the Grudge engraving is practically required for all damage classes on the KR server, the attempts on Argos on the global servers were a strange experience for these KR server players. Some KR users have expressed their opposition to using Grudge to increase survivability, and the results of this have manifested themselves in the form of global server attempts on Argos, which have been a source of controversy.

The significance of Grudge engraving in the Raid on the Lost Ark Gold store

Given the obvious distinction between the approaches taken by Korean and global players to Argos, we can ask whether Grudge is truly required. Oddly enough, Grudge wasn’t required at all on the KR server for a long period of time — from open beta to season 1. It made sense at the time: lost ark gold for sale was a brand new game, and players were unfamiliar with and inexperienced with it. According to the second reason, it was more important to raise the item levels in order for players to be able to progress to the next content. They didn’t have enough time to devote to Grudge or the engraving settings in order to create the most efficient build possible. Furthermore, because Grudge Level 1 was tied to Epona rewards, it wasn’t really available to players at all.

When the weekly raids were introduced, KR players began to pay more attention to Grudge. Prior to that, the endgame content was Tytalos, and they didn’t have to spend too much time concentrating on increasing their damage. Nobody imposed a Grudge on the damaged classes against their will. It might have made it more difficult to clear, but it was still possible. However, when the weekly raids first appeared, Grudge quickly became a necessity because there were numerous instances in which groups failed to complete the raid successfully. Losing the opportunity to participate in the weekly raid was a significant setback for any player, and as a result, everyone began to concentrate on damage builds.

Grudge Level 2 could be obtained in Illusion Isle, Tranquil Isle, and other locations. Because it wasn’t common, there was a significant difference between players who activated Grudge Level 2 and those who did not activate it. This was the first time Grudge had a chance to shine in the limelight.

With the passage of time, Grudge Level 2 became increasingly mandatory. Back then, the class engravings weren’t as useful, and players weren’t able to use Cursed Doll or Keen Blunt Weapon as sub-engravings because they weren’t available yet. All that was really available was Master of Ambush, which was significantly better at the time, or Grudge Level 2, which was significantly worse.

Season 2 saw the continuation of this style of engraving selections. Although there was a significant reorganization of engravings in the game, Grudge was 4% stronger than the other engravings. Thus, from early season 2 (when players could choose two-three engravings) to now (when the maximum is six), Grudge has become the de facto default option.

It’s crystal clear why players who’ve been around since the beginning of open beta and through season 2 are so adamant about mandatory Grudge. They have a great deal of hands-on experience with Grudge’s efficiency at all levels, from Level 1 to Level 3. However, when looking at the big picture, forcing others to do something can be a source of contention. By requiring everyone to choose Grudge, those damage dealers who do not choose it are frequently ignored and excluded from social gatherings.

It’s not as simple a story as it appears on the global servers when lost ark gold for sale comes to the Grudge engraving on the Korean server, and players have strong feelings about Buy Cheap  Gold’s most popular and infamous engraving. It’s important to keep in mind as you read some of the items listed below that some of what is listed below is not yet available on the global servers.

Why should you refrain from employing Grudge?

1. A penalty that is shared

The fact that Grudge is required on the current KR server is the most significant issue. Except for supporters, all classes are compelled to choose Grudge and deal with the incoming damage that is increased by 20%. The raid party’s and individuals’ defensive capabilities significantly deteriorate, resulting in a significant number of unintended deaths.

For most players, the incoming damage drawback of +20% is the difference between having to drink a potion in order to survive and simply dying. In Abyss Raids and Legion Raids, losing a damage dealer is always one of the most severe penalties, and it is a good enough reason to restart the mission. If all of the damage dealers choose Grudge and make just one mistake, each dying once, the raiding party will be in no position to help them.

In fact, many of the commonly known insta-kill patterns can be avoided by simply not bringing Grudge with you into the game. It is undeniable that excluding Grudge makes avoiding installing boss patterns easier, and the overall stability of the raiding party increases as a result.

2. Classes that are required to tank and deal DPS

There are some classes whose playstyle becomes more aggressive if they do not select Grudge. These classes include the following: Combat Readiness Gunlancers, Mayhem Berserkers, and Artillerists are frequently forced to withstand boss attacks while still dealing damage to the enemy. By simply eliminating Grudge, they can drastically reduce the likelihood of unexpected deaths compared to when the +20% damage penalty is in effect.

When the raid party’s defenses aren’t as strong as they should be, and when the bosses’ attacks are particularly severe, it is possible that all classes will be preoccupied with simply avoiding hit after hit, resulting in damage loss. Many of these situations can be resolved simply by excluding Grudges from one’s life.

3. There is a scarcity of variety.

In gold for sale, you have the option of using up to six engravings. It is common for one of these slots to be taken up by class-specific engravings, and if Grudge takes up another slot, that leaves only four slots available. Despite the fact that there are six slots available, players can only select three or four engravings if a Grudge is required. Considering that everyone will have to use Grudge, it would be preferable if all characters’ damage could be increased by 20% while their defense was decreased by 20%. There are numerous engravings in the game, and if Grudge is forced, the game’s diversity is severely restricted.

If Grudge is remade or if Grudge is no longer required, some players would choose Grudge in order to attempt a high-risk-high-reward performance, while others would choose to exclude it in order to maintain more stability. However, as it stands, Grudge engraving is far too effective.

It is unavoidable to harbor resentment.

1. Having a grudge is already a prerequisite.

Grudge is already a requirement on the KR server, as has been stated numerous times in the preceding paragraphs. It’s an unwritten rule in Buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold that all dungeons are designed with the use of Grudge Level 3 in mind, and this is no exception. However, with Grudge Level 3, there aren’t any dungeons that you won’t be able to clear. The fact that all dungeons are beatable even with the 20% increase in incoming damage means that there is no reason to exclude Grudge and reduce the players’ damage. If the players are unable to survive with Grudge, they should attempt to learn more about the dungeon by forming first-attempt parties.

Furthermore, there are a plethora of options for increasing a character’s damage output. The final setup of a character is within 4-5% of the initial setup. Because everyone else would be using Grudge, that user would intentionally fall behind by 20% if Grudge was not included in the equation.

2. The 4% difference in Grudge is a significant difference.

On the KR server, it’s late in season 2, and a 1-2% difference is a significant difference. Given the fact that many players are approaching the endgame item level, they are willing to spend millions of gold on bracelets, ability stones, and other such items in order to obtain an item that is only 1% better than the competition. The difference in damage between a 7/7 ability stone and a 9/7 ability stone is approximately 4% in damage. If a player chooses to turn off Grudge, it means that they are voluntarily starting 4% behind the others.

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