Jolie Poirier

Jolie Poirier is one of the most famous WAGs around the world, thanks to her association with a famous MMA star named Dustin Poirier. There many MMA fans around the world and all of them must have seen or known who Jolie is. She has one famous clip captured when her husband beat Conor McGregor on 24 January 2021, where she said never to call her husband a contender sort of. As she does have model alike looks, it makes Jolie a name that fans of the game do like to follow.

It makes Jolie someone who likes to be with her husband, help him grow and be kind of a person who works very hard to make an impact in the life of Dustin and his growth as an MMA superstar. One can call her manager of Dustin as the way she works for his career is just massive.

Jolie Poirier Biography

Jolie Poirier is a businesswoman and director of The Good Fight Foundation. She was born on 22 December 1989 in New York, United States. Jolie Poirier is a homemaker and Director of The Good Fight Foundation. Jolie’s was born on 22 December 1989 in New York, United States. Jolie’s zodiac sign is Capricorn. However, she does not believe in these sun signs. Following the Christian religion, She is a part of the white ethnicity.

Her husband Dustin Poirier a super famous mixed martial artist Dustin Poirier, who hails from Lafayette, Louisiana, United States. She is famous for being the right hand of MMA star Dustin. It can be his fight week or any other venture he does take part in. She does play a major role in selling Poirier’s Louisiana Style Hot Sauce. It does give Jolie something special to look for other than working on the family’s growth from different angles.

Jolie Poirier Physical Stats 

Jolie Poirier Height five 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Dark brown hair and dark eyes provide her with a classical look. Jolie Poirier’s weight mostly remains at 62 kg. Jolie Poirier age 32 years Old. Meanwhile, her body measures around 34-24-34 inches. Her breast size of Jolie is 34B. Her feet size is 7 (US), and her dress size is 6 (US). She indeed takes her fitness very seriously and does put her best to stay fit. Jolie goes to the gym every day in the morning and once a week, she does yoga. She has implanted cosmetic surgeries on her face. It has helped her to look even better. However, she feels that it is crucial for an MMA professional’s wife to stay fit and fine.

Jolie Poirier Family

I love my family. We are like one big and strong unit who do like help each other out always. Jolie Poirier blessed to have a father named Carl LeBlanc. Her mother’s name is Teri LeBlanc. She feels blessed to have two siblings named Jandy LeBlanc and Javen LeBlanc. She lived in a family of five. Before marrying Dustin, their surname of Jolie was LeBlanc. Both her father and mother were working professionals. Jolie very connected with her family and gives time for her loved ones to see the good side coming out of everybody. She said that her beloved thing was to wait for the weekend so her father can take her to the park and eatery stations.

Jolie Poirier

Jolie Poirier Marriage and Kids

Jolie married Dustin in 2009. They met with the help of Instagram. After talking and knowing basic things about each other, Jolie started her relationship with Dustin. On 20 August 2016, the lovely pair welcomed a sweet little girl. They named her Parker Noelle Poirier. Meanwhile, the family currently lives in Lafayette (Louisiana, United States), the hometown of Dustin. However, they do have a lavish house in Las Vegas. Jolie feels great living with Dustin, who takes care of his family very well. In an interview, Dustin said that he is a proud husband and father.

As Jolie does play a major part in the life of Dustin, she has become a very influential part of her life on and off the MMA circuit. It has also shown how much they love each other. Even their daughter Parker does like to follow the MMA game. Dustin has become stable in his career, monetary wise, it has made things even better for them.

Jolie Poirier Education

Jolie Poirier did get to same high school as her husband – Northside High School. It not a school of rich but is known for being the former school of Jolie and Dustin now. Jolie was never keen in studies. Hence, she always pushed for being in extracurricular activities. But surprisingly, she used to get very good grades. This did help her out to kind of teacher’s beloved. Jolie the leader of her girls ground of 16 people. She did like study science the most. Back then, her aim was to become a model. Hence, it is the reason she keeps herself up to date with fashion.

Professional Career 

Jolie is a homemaker and does also work as the Director of The Good Fight Foundation. The brand helps many emerging mixed martial artists to get basic needs to keep on working hard for chasing their dreams. Indeed, She is fantastically does two different jobs. Her ability to multitask inspires many wives of famous UFC stars. Other than that, she is co-founder of Poirier’s Louisiana Style Hot Sauce along with her husband.

In Jan 2021, when Conor McGregor did promote the brand while the commercial UFC weigh-in, it did get a lot of fame. It did life the brand to the next level and created many great moments ahead for Jolie. She does also work as a manager of Dustin, so this does give her another reason to earn money. Not to forget, she does also do the job of a homemaker taking care of her family and friends.

Social Media 

Jolie’s has over 142k followers on Instagram. She mostly shares her family life on Instagram. She does use other major social media channels. However, her name on other social media channels is not very huge.  

After Conor said something bed to her after the Irish MMA star lost to Dustin for the first time, it did make her famous all over the world. Conor said some harsh words and it was very bad thing for him to do. But to the other side, it did help her to boost her Instagram profile to the level she is now a very well-known name and is one of the top 3 most famous wives of MMA stars. It does show how one negative incident can bring something positive out of it. Her Insta profile covered up with all the posts about her family and all. It does tell a lot about the fame it creates when something famous happens in a life a person.

Jolie Poirier Net Worth 

Jolie Poirier has a net worth around 6 million USD. And the net worth of Jolie Poirier has estimated around 500K USD, which half-a-million. The main source of income for the family has been Dustin leading UFC PPVs many times and having a long career in MMA. This does tell a lot about the income source they have. The family does do a lot of charity work for helping fighters to grow and those who do need the basic life. Jolie has a collection of 18 luxury bags and 17 footwear’s. The family does own a Mercedes and Ferrari car. They are a rich family who have invested the money wisely.   

Jolie Poirier Husband

Dustin Poirier is a famous mixed martial artist. Dustin has indeed done a great job in his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) career. He known for his hard-working ability. His nickname is “Dynamite”. Dustin was born on 19 January 1989 in Lafayette, Louisiana, United States. He did go to Northside High School for getting the basic education. However, he is not that educated as he did push for the move in the world of MMA. He is a Interim UFC Lightweight Champion. Dustin is famous for beating Conor McGregor twice in 2021. But he did lose to him once when they did battle back in 2014. After that, it did take him two to four years to become again the fighter that can battle against the top players.

He did get many chances of becoming the champion but losing Charles Oliveira, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor did not allow him to become the champion he wanted to. But he has a very good CV of beating some of the top fighters and giving best fights possible to the fans. Most of the fans know him for his knockout and all where he did stop Conor and all in style. But when it comes to winning the title, he has come short.

Jolie Poirier Hobbies and Favorite Things 

  1. She loves the magic of English movies and series.
  2. She mostly likes comedy and action movies and loved the work of actor Liam Hemsworth and actress Jennifer Lawrence.
  3. Travelling, shopping and collecting precious stones are hobbies of Jolie.
  4. She mostly prefers to see the different places in Colombia, which is her favourite holiday destination too.
  5. Jolie mostly prefers to eat American, Italian and Mexican dishes.
  6. Tattoo-making and other modern-day things do attract Jolie. However, she not overly obsessed with it. 
  7. She has done cosmetic surgery on her face.
  8. Jolie Poirier does like to watch MMA fights, and most importantly with those where his husband is involved.
  9. She likes to travel and mostly to European cities.
  10. Jolie is also the co-founder of Poirier’s Louisiana Style Hot Sauce.
  11. She likes pink, red and blue colours the most.
  12. Jolie likes Indian, American and Mexican cuisine the most.
  13. Other than MMA, she is a huge fan of Basketball (NBA).


Q How long have Dustin and Jolie Poirier been together?

Dustin and Jolie Poirier did marry in September 2009. It means they have covered over a decade as a pair.

Q Does Dustin Poirier have a wife?

Dustin Poirier is a married man and has Jolie Poirier as his wife. The pair did marry in Sep 2009.

Q Does Dustin Poirier have a son?

Dustin Poirier does not have any son but he is blessed to have a daughter named Parker Noelle.

Q When did Dustin Poirier get married?

Dustin Poirier did get married in Sep 2009 with Jolie.

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