For most people, a bad day at work means missing the deadline or getting yelled at by the boss. While for some, it becomes a situation of life and death. With more than 5000 workplace deaths in the last three consecutive years, workplace safety has become a major concern of the industry.

The most common workplace deaths are related to transportation. You would be surprised that this avenue contributes to almost 40% of the total deaths. This makes us think that working in transportation is really worth the risks.


List Of Dangerous Jobs In The United States

When we talk about the workplace, we can visualize ourselves wearing suits and carrying a suitcase, which makes up only a few percent of jobs. Most jobs are field-related and carry more risk than others. Most of the jobs that support modern society and are building blocks of the industry are dangerous.

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1. Logging Workers

The amount of the risk involved for the lodging works is relatively high. The logging workers in America have the highest fatality rate of 33 times compared to other jobs in America. All the tools used in the Logging industry are quite dangerous; one simple mistake and you can lose your life.

2. Aircraft Pilots & Flight Engineers

The fatality rate is 53 per 100000 workers for the aircraft pilots and engineers in the USA. The reason for such a high fatality rate for aircraft pilots and flight engineers is the accidents that are caused during the testing phase. The only silver lining of this job is that an Aircraft Pilot makes more money than any dangerous job.

3. Derrick Operators In Gas, Oil & Mining 

The death case for the derrick operators in the oil and gas industry is increasing rapidly in the USA. The fatality rate is 46 per 100000 workers. The death rate is 20 per year in this profession. A derrick is a structure over the well that supports the drilling equipment. If you are not careful while dealing with this machine, you are risking your life.

4. Roofers

Slips, falls, and trips are the most common accidents that roofers face in their job profile. The death count is 41 per 100000 workers. They are responsible for roofing and installation on homes and buildings. Their work includes taking roofing material onto the roof and securing them. As they are working at an altitude, they are always at a risk of falling from the room. In case you encounter any accidents, you can take action as per the personal injury law.

5. Garbage Collectors

The garbage collector’s death rate is also considerably high. The fatality rate is 34 per 100000 workers. Some trucks use mechanical arms to load the bin; this is where employees can injure themselves. Job profiles pose 30% risk, and transportation poses a 70% risk to the garbage collectors in the USA.

6. Delivery Drivers

The total death rate is 966, and they are the sales workers or the truck drivers. These workers generally pick up cargo and distribute it to different locations. While they are on the roads, they keep in contact with their clients and communicate with the customers to coordinate deliveries.

7. Iron Workers 

The ironworkers are responsible for installing iron and steel in buildings, roads, and bridges. Their works mostly consist of climbing up the massive structure and loading or unloading the steel and iron. Due to the nature of the job, the death rate remains high. Falls from the top of the infrastructure is a common form of accident that injures the workers.

Final words

There you have it; these are some of the job profiles where the involvement of the risk is relatively high. We have used the data from the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics. So the numbers you see are accurate. We hope that you find this information useful. If you do so, share with your friends so that they can learn something new.

By Grace