Suppose your bathroom is starting to look dull and needs a complete remodel. You might need to consider bathroom renovations. However, did you know that the average cost of renovating bathrooms in Australia is $19500

Being such a costly affair, you might be wondering how to get into the process of renovating your bathroom, isn’t it? Fret not; this article will provide you with some vital pointers to bear in mind before you kickstart your renovation journey. These pointers will enable you to think through your design and requirements and help you save time and money. 

So, without further ado, read about the top things to consider while renovating your bathroom. 

Top things to consider while renovating your bathroom 

When renovating your bathroom, you need to consider several things as it is a costly affair. Moreover, if you want to elevate your bathroom to the luxury level, you might spend more on remodelling it. 

Here are specific pointers to bear in mind when remodelling your bathroom: 

1. Plumbing 

When renovating your bathroom, the foremost thing to bear in mind is the plumbing. Think of where you want your toilet, sink, freestanding bath, and other fixtures. Accordingly, ensure you have a stud wall so that the plumbers can fix your plumbing line. 

Moreover, you need to ensure you have at least 2-inch pipelines for drains so that clogging is minimised. 

2. Electricals 

Consider where you want your heater, lights, fans, and other electrical equipment to get your electrician to do the wiring accordingly. You also need to consider how you want your power points to be placed to ensure you can get your electrician to place them at the beginning of your renovation. 

3. Space 

While remodelling your bathroom, ensure you use your space effectively. Suppose you have a tiny bathroom; ensure you use mirrors and lighting to give the appearance of space. Moreover, you want to calculate your bathroom layout based on the available space. 

The key to elevating your bathroom is to ensure you utilise your space effectively and maximise the functionality. 

4. Design for accessibility 

You must think of accessibility while designing your bathroom remodelling. Ensure all cabinets and vanity are reachable and can be used easily. You should also choose easy-to-use showerheads and faucets. 

Moreover, ensure that the sink height you choose is optimum for the tallest and shortest person in your house. It should be too low or too high. Try to design bars near the shower and bath areas to prevent slipping. 

5. Lighting 

Lighting is the key to making your bathroom look sophisticated and elegant. Ensure there is enough lighting so that you can see in your bathroom. At the same time, try to have slightly dim lighting to make your bathroom look sophisticated and elevated. 

6. Flooring 

Choose suitable quality flooring that makes your bathroom spacious and luxe. Moreover, you must ensure that your flooring tiles are slip-resistant and easy to maintain. 

Try to look for large tiles to ensure you can have a minimalistic aesthetic in your bathroom. 

Summing up 

Remodelling requirements like bathroom renovations can become quite costly if you don’t do your research. That’s why you need to consider the accessibility, space utility, materials, colours, plumbing, lighting, flooring, electricals, and more. 

When you consider these and research the professionals you will use thoroughly; you will be able to save time and money. Moreover, if you have a layout and design in mind and have chosen the utilities, you save time. So, bear the considerations in mind and make your bathroom remodelling easy and quick. 

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By Grace