Mridula Tripathy is the wife of Pankaj Tripathi. If you are a fan of Bollywood movies and have watched several shows on different OTT platforms, like Netflix and Hotstar, then you must absolutely be well aware of who Pankaj Tripathi is. If not, then let me tell you that Pankaj Tripathi is one of the most popular actors in the Bollywood industry currently.

Although he does not play lead roles in any movies or shows that he does, his excellent acting skills that he brings forward while playing the supporting characters never fail to win the hearts of the people in the audience. The naturality in his acting makes people forget that they are actually watching something that is a work of fiction. If you have watched clips and videos of Pankaj Tripathi’s interviews during movie promotions, you might have noticed him mentioning or talking about his family quite often.

Mridula Tripathy Early Life and Childhood

Mridula Tripathi was born and brought up in Kolkata, West Bengal, where she studied in National High School as part of her schooling and then later on, went on to pursue a degree in Hindi Honours from Shri Shikshayatan College in Kolkata. Afterwards, she completed her post graduation and then pursued a B.Ed degree, which paved the path of her career of that of a teacher. She then showed interest towards pursuing a doctorate degree.

Pankaj and Mridula Tripathi met when they both were very young. They first met at a wedding, where Mridula’s elder brother Tilak was getting married to Pankaj’s sister. At the time of their first meeting, Pankaj was a high school student studying at class 12, while Mridula was a young girl studying in class 9. In an interview, Pankaj Tripathi had said that he got to know about Mridula from his close friend, who had gone to Mridula’s house to check the repair works before the wedding took place. It was then during the wedding where they met. Their relationship started off with being just friends, but later it blossomed into something really beautiful and special.

Mridula Tripathy Career

Mridula Tripathi moved to Delhi from her hometown of Kolkata, where she started to work as a teacher in a school after getting a B.Ed degree. During that time, Pankaj Tripathi also used to live in Delhi, and he was pursuing an course in acting at the National School of Drama. During their courtship, as during those times things like internet, social media and mobile phones were not available, Pankaj and Mridula would communicate secretly through phone calls made via landphones. They had specific time periods during which they would talk, when Pankaj would call from the landline at National Ssctbool of Drama to the landline at Mridula’s house.

At one point, due to being unaware of the relationship between the two of them, Mridula’s family had started to think of her marriage and looking from prospective grooms. However, soon it was all called off. Pankaj and Mridula Tripathi got married to each other in the year 2004.

Although Pankaj Tripathi did a course in acting, it was not very easy for him to readily find good acting roles. During the days he struggled, Mridula took huge amounts of responsibilities on her shoulders, including the monetary department. Pankaj Tripathi is a very homely man, and despite being such a well known person in India, he is a humble human being.

Mridula Tripathy

Mridula Tripathy Personality

Mridula Tripathi worked as a teacher in a Delhi school. She is a very spiritual person, and is a devotee of Lord Ganesha. She is also fond of dogs and has two of them. Mridula and Pankaj have a daughter.

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