Auto Transport

There are times that you need to move a vehicle to another part of the country. It could be just across your city, or it could be clear across the country. These cars are usually expensive or rare cars that you wouldn’t want to drive that far.

There are many companies that can transport your car for you. You should search for auto transport near me to see what is available in your area. You can research to find the right company for you and your vehicle.

This article will talk about open air auto transport. It will give you some information about this type of transport. You can also do more research and find out more information.

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Open Air Auto Transport

This is an affordable way to move your car across the country. It is less expensive than closed transport, probably around 25% less than closed transport. See here for average costs of transports. This is because you don’t need to make as many arrangements to move your vehicle. Open air transporters are usually larger than closed transports so they can hold more vehicles.

New Car Manufacturers 

Most new car manufacturers, about 96%, will use open air trucks to move their cars. They use them to move them internally between factories and plants and they use them externally to send them to car dealerships. Most open air trucks that you see on the road are hauling new cars to dealerships. The rest are hauling cars like yours to their new homes.

Some carriers will allow you to pack your trunk with household items, while others will forbid this. If allowed, this will help you when you are moving across the country and need just a little more room to carry your things. This can also help if you are moving to a college dorm and need your car there. You don’t want to carry things inside the passenger area of your car because those things could get stolen.

More Open Air Haulers on the Road

There are more open air haulers that are on the road than there are closed haulers. About 90% of the haulers that are on the road are open air haulers. This makes it easier to schedule transport for your vehicle. Closed transports are harder to schedule because there are fewer of them.

It also makes it easier because your car will only need to be loaded on a vehicle once so that you will have less chance of damage. The same hauler that will pick your car up will be the one that delivers it to the destination. Instead of having a hauler pick your car up to transfer to a closed transport and then possibly to another hauler, you have one truck to do it all. 

Owner Operators

Most open air carriers are the owners and operators of the carriers. This means that you are helping small businesses when you choose this mode of transport. They will often take better care of your vehicle because they don’t want to damage their reputation. They will make sure that your car gets to its destination in the same condition as they picked it up. 

Your vehicle may be safer in an open air transport because of the safety measures they must take. All open air carriers need to have an FMCSA license and need to carry insurance, as well: You will get more protection from the government so that you can be assured that your vehicle is safe. Make sure that you check for this license and the insurance before you choose the carrier.

Bigger Vehicles

It is easier for these types of haulers to carry a more diverse selection of vehicles. The larger 4×4 trucks, heavy duty SUVs, and tractors can be hauled this way without any issues. You can even move cars that are inoperable this way. You can haul these types of vehicles because they are not enclosed.

Open air transports can come in various sizes from one that can carry only 2 cars to one that can carry up to 9 vehicles. If you have a dealership and need many cars moved at once, you could choose a 9 car hauler. If you just have your single car that you want moved, you could choose the 2 car hauler. 


Open air transport can be better for you for many reasons. They can haul more cars at once, or they can just move yours and one other. They also need a license to do the work, as well as insurance. 

You might even be able to move more of your items along with your car if you put it in the trunk. This can help you to move a little more easily if you are going across the country. Using an open air carrier will help you to get your car safely to its destination. 

By Grace