Saraya-Jade Bevis ( is a retired professional wrestler from England. Her World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) ring name is Paige. She hails from Norwich, United Kingdom, and was born on 17 August 1992. Paige’s birth sign, commonly known as a zodiac sign, is Leo, which symbols power and strength. Paige former fiancé Jose Alberto Rodriguez Chucuan, famous by the name Alberto Del Rio, is a professional wrestler.    

Paige Physical Stats

Paige Wrestler stands five feet and eight inches. Paige Wrestler weight is 55 kg. Paige’s body figure stands 34-24-36 inches. Her breast size is 34B. Paige’s sexual orientation is straight. She has an hourglass body shape. Paige has beautiful dark brown eyes and outstanding black hair. Paige has amazing looks, which cut above the rest. She has the power to captivate many beautiful things in this brick-and-mortar world.   

Paige Childhood and Family 

Paige was born and raised in Norwich, England. Ricky Knight and Saraya Knight are Paige’s parents. They also represent wrestling roots. The family runs wrestling shows in England, mostly in Norwich. Zak Zodiac and Roy Bevis are Paige’s beloved brothers. They also are professional wrestlers. Paige’s brothers feel very proud to have a very successful sister, who represents England as an important part of WWE.

Paige plays a big role to promote Bellatrix Female Warriors, which works to promote women in professional wrestling. She worked as a bouncer and bartender at a bar when she was just 15 years old. Paige always fancied the world of entertainment more than studying. The English queen of WWE represented The Hewett School in Norwich.

She completed her graduation in 2008. Paige engaged with A Day to Remember guitarist Kevin Skaff but parted ways in 2016. In the same year, she engaged with Alberto Del Rio in the month of October. She once kissed Alberto Del Rio in an Impact Wrestling (TNA) event, which made the crowd too wild. The lovely pair broke up in 2017.

She is now in a relationship with Ronnie Radke, who is the lead singer of Falling in Reverse. Her private and nude photos also created huge drama in March 2017. It was a challenging time for her. Paige feels happy to live with Ronnie Radke and sees her future with the leading man of Falling in Reverse, one of the most popular music bands.

Paige Professional Career

She had worked too much to reach the doors of the WWE. From 2005 to 2011, she worked for an independent circuit and did her diploma before joining WWE. She made an audition for WWE during her teenage but failed in her first attempt.

However, she got the WWE contract in her second attempt. From 2011 to 2018, she was part of the women’s division of WWE. She won WWE belts and set the tone to make the WWE divas become WWE superstars. Due to some injury problems, Paige had to retire as a professional wrestler in 2018.

Even after taking retirement, Paige has been an important part of WWE. She also played the general manager role of WWE SmackDown. Gaming fans can play with Paige on the PlayStation. 

Social Media 

Paige has millions of followers on social media. She is available on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Paige uses her social media account to promote her professional work, brand, and personal life with her beloved fans, who love her from the bottom of their hearts. 

Paige Net Worth

Paige’s net worth is $3 million (US dollars) at the moment. Most of her earnings come from her WWE projects. She still has a bright future in many different ways. Thus, Paige has the power to make her sums double and triple in the future. 

Favourite Wrestlers

Bull Nakano, Alundra Blayze, Edge, Lita, Rikishi, Bret Hart, and Stone Cold Steve Austin are Paige’s wrestling heroes. She also had featured in Stone Gold’s podcast for the WWE on 3 August 2015. 

Former Fiancé Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio is a famous professional wrestler. He has represented many top wrestling bards. Alberto became most famous during his time in WWE. He even won the Royal Rumble once and got the chance to main event the WrestleMania. Many WWE fans still miss his personal filled with a lot of hate.   

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