Rachael Cordingley is now a retired model who is known as the wife of British boxing legend Carl Froch. Hence, she has been named as Rachael Froch now. The model who was born in Liverpool and lived a massive chunk of life there and after becoming a part of Froch’s life, she has become a native of Nottingham as this is city she lives in now with her family.

Rachael is not just famous in the glamour world but in the world of boxing also as she was stopped backing her then-boyfriend and now husband in his mega fights in London or other parts of the world.

Also, her looks are sensational so it does become kind of a bonus for her to be in fame despite not working actively like others. In the world of boxing, after Paris Fury, she is the most known WAG of a boxer in the United Kingdom.

Rachael Cordingley Biography

Rachael Cordingley (Rachael Froch) is a model from Liverpool, England. She was born on 20 July 1987 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Her zodiac (birth) sign is Cancer, which shows the emotional and sensitive, and deeply caring nature of a person. Rachael represents white ethnicity and follows the Christian religion from the bottom of her heart. Rachael’s husband Carl Froch is a retired professional boxer from England. 

Carl did purpose Rachael after winning the fight against Gorge Groves. She also known as Rachael Forch now. She has changed her life that bit that she has written on her Instagram account as: “A very proud Mother to my three babies & now Wifey to my husband.” It does show that she has worked upon very well in her career to become something where is all about family now and this is what defines her biography now.

Rachael Cordingley Physical Stats

The Rachael Cordingley height stands five feet and seven inches tall. Rachael Cordingley weighs around 62 kg. Rachael Cordingley Age 35 Years Old. Her body measurements are 34-26-34 inches. Rachael’s bra size (cup size) is 32B, feet size (shoe size) is 8 (US) and dress size is 6 (US).

Rachael’s eye color is dark brown, and the hair color is black. Rachael has put tattoos her body. She was a huge fan of tattoos during her younger days. Rachael likes to remain fit as modelling promotes her fitness at the highest level.

She has done a lot of cosmetic surgeries on her body, from her lips to cheeks. Despite being a mother of three, she has kept her weight at a very good level. It is just that in her house, there is fitness culture that helps her out to follow same ethics also.

Rachael Cordingley Childhood, Family Life, and Children

Rachael Cordingley’s parents raised her in Liverpool, one of the best cities in England and around the world. Peyton Royce was also born in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom. Rachael did schooling in her beloved city (Liverpool).

She was not good at sporting activities but was very good at academics. She did her schooling from School Bellerive FCJ Catholic College, Liverpool, England. Her teachers always loved her way to manage study and other activities fantastically. She was one of the best students her school has ever produced and one of the most famous at the same time.

Rachael Cordingley met Carl Froch long before marrying. The couple feels blessed to have three children Rocco, Natalia and Penelope. The Froch family follows Nottingham Forest FC with full pride and passion.

They also believe that shortly, Nottingham Forest will become an English force yet again. Rachael loves Carl Froch a lot who probably wants to make Rocco a golf player. He has a big house in Nottingham, where Rocco is learning to become a golf player. Indeed, he is now looking very promising.  

Professional Career

Rachael Cordingley started her professional career at the age of 20. It took her two to three years for becoming a famous name in the field of modelling.

Rachael has worked for many top fashion brands. She has also featured in many top magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, ELLE Magazine, Vanity Fair and many others. Cordingley did not have one of the modelling careers but has done a decent job to earn a name. Rachael has done a lot of hard work to reach this level. She worked too much before meeting Carl. Since starting her family life, Rachael Cordingley has been staying far away from the world of modelling in a mainstream way.

Rachael now does only interviewers for magazines. She has finished her journey as a glamour model now as she has more than an ample number of responsibilities at the moment. Now she does spend all her time to give ample time to her children and husband. She does cook food for them and take of every essential they want. It is just that she does see the life in much different way as she used to. This does make things special for her life in a creative manner.  

Rachael Cordingley Hobbies and Favorite Things

  • Shopping, travelling and dancing are Rachael Cordingley’s hobbies.
  • Will Smith is her favourite actor and Dakota Johnson is her favourite actress.
  • She likes to visit Marbella, a beautiful city in Spain, on a regular basis.
  • Pink, black and blue are her beloved colours.
  • She likes to eat Indian and Italian cuisine.   
  • Rachael does like to wear expensive cloths and bags.
  • She does like to watch even Bollywood movies.
  • Rachael did like to have pizza and pasta a lot when she was very young.
  • She does like to have wine and persico with her friends that one can see on her social media posts.
  • She now does like to spend time mostly on the beach area.
  • Rachael can speak just one language – English.
  • She was a huge Pokemon fan while growing up.
  • Rachael wanted to become an actress while growing up.
  • She does like to eat butter chicken a lot.
  • Rachael is a gym freak.

Social Media

Rachael Froch has combined 50k followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Rachael likes to share her family life with her fans on social media.

On Instagram, she does have over 8,238 followers on Instagram. She does like to post most images about her on social media. One can see how much she does love gymming, Christmas, Halloween and other golden moments with her on Instagram. One can also see her enjoying holidays with her family on social media. She has stated on her Instagram that her life is all about now taking care of family, for which she is doing her level best to make an impact.  

Rachael Cordingley Net Worth

Rachael’s net worth is $4.1 million (US dollars). Most of her earnings came from her husband’s wealth. She has a collection of 50 luxury bags, 56 footwears and 67 dresses as of 2023.

Rachael does have a lot of property investment in the city of Nottingham along with her husband Carl Froch net worth of USD 21 million of 2023.

They do have five luxury cars at home. It does tell a lot about Rachael and the rich life she lives in. The family does help two NGOs in the city of Nottingham. It does give an angle of how they use the wealth.

Rachael Cordingley Husband

Carl Froch is a retired professional boxer. He was born on 2 July 1977 in Nottingham, England. Froch is one of the best boxers ever from Britain. He is a former WBC, IBF and WBA super-middleweight titleholder. Froch now works as a boxing pundit for Sky Sports and DAZN. During his best years, BoxRec and The Ring magazine named him the sixth pound for pound boxer in their rankings. Carl Froch lost just two fights in his professional career and won 33 contests. Rachael Cordingley Carl Froch never faced a knockout in his professional career, which shows his quality as a pugilist.

Now Froch works to build his investment, talk about his views on boxing on Froch on Fighting YouTube channel. He known for his bold views. Hence, fans do like the way he speaks without thinking of if somebody is feeling sad. He did have a great career and many do call him as one of top seven fighters to ever come from Britain which is a lot as there are many other fighters. He has known as the first fighter to did bring big-time boxing back to the UK in 2010s and since then, it has only created many great events in boxing.  


Q Is Carl Froch still married?

Carl Froch is happily married to Rachael Cordingley, who is also known as Rachael Froch. She is a mother of three now.

Q How old is Carl Froch?

Carl Froch was born on 2 July 1977 in Nottingham, United Kingdom. He is 45 years old.

Q Who is Rachael Cordingley?

Rachael Cordingley or Rachael Froch is a former English model. She is known as the better half of boxing legend Carl Froch.

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