Reagan Howard

Alex Bregman is someone who has made Reagan Howard. The mega basketball legend is something that has been with Reagan from his soul. Hence, it made Reagan famous around the world. It has helped her to become a name that the world does talk about as the husband of Reagan Howard. She is a person who has helped Alex to become who he is. It is another story of female sacrificing, so it would help Alex to have a great career in baseball.

Not just this, but Reagan is a podcast host now and has a baby cloths online brand along with a fashion brand for women. Hence, she is known a businesswoman, podcast co-host and kind of homemaker. Indeed with the backing of her husband’s wealth, she has created a great market for her growth and the career she has. This does indeed tell a lot about Reagan and the life she does live.

Reagan Howard Bio

Reagan Howard (R. Elizabeth Bregman) works as an enterprise business development & customer enablement specialist. Reagan hails from Mandeville (Louisiana, United States), was born on 26 August 1994, and follows the Christian religion. However, she is not kind of the personality who does see wearing gemstones and all. Representing white ethnicity, she is the fiancé of baseball star Alex Bregman. She was born in the city of Mandeville, Louisiana, United States. It means that her nationality is American. She is of white ethnicity. Reagan is also famous for fighting against human rights. At the time of the Black Lives Matter movement, she did put her voice forward. It is what that she made her even more famous.

Reagan is now a successful businesswoman in fashion and a podcast host. She is a great example of a woman turning a businessperson from her job of homemaker. She does also all the homemaker works. It does tell a lot about Reagan.  

Reagan Howard – Basic details

  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Height: 5 feet, 7 inches 
  • Weight: 52 kg 
  • Body measurements: 32-26-32 inches 
  • Bra size: 32B
  • Eye colour: Hazel
  • Hair: Blonde 
  • Feet: 6 (US) 
  • Dress: 4 (US)
  • Tattoos: No 

Reagan Howard Father, Mother, Sibling   

Reagan’s parents, Rick and Rachel raised her in Mandeville. She did not know the love of siblings as she was the only child of the Howard family. Indeed, It allowed her to get the best love from every single corner. However, Howard said in an interview that she missed the magic of having a brother and sister. She mostly saw most of her wishes come true as her parents had sufficient finances to make things fantastic from her angle.

Reagan did like to watch NBA games with her father while growing up a lot. They were huge movie buffs back then.

Reagan Howard Education 

Reagan always loved the magic of education. Hence, she took her basic studies very seriously. Reagan joined Belair High School to get the best chance of earning grades. It allowed her to join Texas A&M University, earning a management degree. Reagan always knew the fact that academies can lead her to glory. Indeed, the same thing happened in her brick-and-mortar life. 

Reagan did like those vacations with his school friends as it did give her the freedom back then for what she was looking for.

She did like to spend time with her group of six. They all are very close still.

Reagan Howard Children

Reagan Howard Children Reagan Howard is blessed to have a boy named Knox Samuel Bregman. When he was born on 2 August 2022, both Reagan and Alex Bregman did make a collaborative post on Instagram about the birth of their baby. When he was born, many stars from baseball did congratulate the pair. Since his birth, one can see Reagan sharing his pictures with her followers.

Reagan Howard Love Story, Husband

Reagan Howard

In early 2020, Reagan became the fiancé of Alex Bregman who is a well-known American baseball star. The couple took seven to eight good years before taking the next step in their life. In the world of baseball, Reagan and Alex make one of the best couples ever.

The ultimate bond between Reagan and Alex can be an inspiration for many people around the world. They take care of each other very well and see their future as a united force. Reagan is a huge dog lover too. They did get married in December 2020. The marriage ceremony was star stacked by many basketball stars.

Professional Journey of Reagan Howard

She is a former Google employee. She earned a management degree from Texas A&M University, earning a chance to work for Google in the United States as an enterprise business development & customer enablement specialist. However, She left her dream organization in 2017 as the family requirements did not push her to see a future while working for Google. Therefore, she now works as a professional guidance provider. It is not just that she now owns two fashion brands one is dedicated to children named as “Magnetic Me”. The second one is dedicated to females, named “EXiZA”. She has shared the website links of both on her Instagram profile.

Not just this, but she has her own podcast also. It does show the amount of growth she has taken to be smart and active. It has indeed grown his value to a very good time as many WAGs of basketball stars do see her as an inspiration.

Social Media 

She is indeed a fine name on Instagram and other social media networks. Over 79.9K Insta followers make the fact very clear about her fame. Despite being famous, she loves to stay down to earth. Her Instagram username is @reaganelizabeth. She does like to post pictures of her family most of the time on Instagram. In a way, it does make one feel how connected she is with her family. Reagan Howard is someone who has to build a great profile on Instagram that she is capable of becoming an influencer. However, she does like to use it for fun mostly.  

Reagan Howard Net Worth

The net worth of Reagan is $ 1.7 million (US dollars) as of 2023. Indeed, Reagan has to work really hard to make a stable financial foundation. Most of her money has come from her husband who has passed his wealth to her so she can start some ventures, which has done in the field of fashion. Her husband Alex Bregman holds a net worth of USD 11 million as of 2023. She does like to spend money on buying luxury bags. This has taken her collection to 57 bags. Most of the collection has Gucci bags. The family does support two NGOs also.

Reagan Howard Husband

Alex Bregman is a well-known American professional baseball star. Bregman is famous for his fearless approach as a Major League Baseball representative. Those who make the future from betting, see Bregman as an inspiration to follow across the globe. 

Alex was born on 30 March 1994 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States. He was born to Sam Bregman and Jackie Bregman. He is a two-time MLB all-star – 2018, 2019. Since 2016, he has been playing for the Houston Astros of Major League Baseball, better known as the MLB. The zodiac sign of Alex is Aries. But he has never been seen wearing a gemstone. He does bat and throws from the right hand.  

He is a product of Albuquerque Academy. He has been named as Major League Baseball All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award winner.

Right from the age of 7, it looked as if Alex would become something in baseball and hence, it did lead her family members to learn the sport from the core.

A.J. Bregman and Jessica Bregman are his siblings. And he is very much connected to Jessica and A.J. They are also the key reason behind him becoming a very good basketball player. He is also a huge fan of the NFL.  

Hobbies and Trivia

  • Reagan Howard likes to watch baseball games, swim, try different food and read books.
  • She has read over 50 books as of now.
  • Reagan does not have any favourite colour.
  • She is a huge movie buff and likes to watch old and latest Hollywood movies.
  • Not just that, Reagan is a fan of Bollywood movies.
  • She does like Indian Panner Tikka Masala the most, which is a famous Indian dish.
  • She likes to listen to pop and jazz music.
  • Reagan is a just fan of baseball and American Football also known as NFL.
  • She liked to watch Popeye the Sailor while growing up the most.
  • Reagan is a huge Marvel fan.
  • She does like spending holidays near beaches.

Some Things to know

  • Reagan Howard does not smoke.
  • She does drink mostly wine and beer.
  • Reagan is a podcast host also.
  • She does know how to drive a car.
  • Reagan does eat non-vegetarian food.
  • She does not do yoga.
  • Reagan does like to travel a lot.
  • She does not like fast food that much.


Q How did Alex Bregman and Reagan Howard meet?

Alex Bregman did meet Reagan Howard at the age of 19. At that time, they were college students. They fell in love and the rest is history now they have a child also.

Q What does Reagan Bregman do for a living?

Reagan Bregman does have two fashion brands running. One is for kids and the other one is for females.

Q How many children does Reagan Bregman have?

Reagan Bregman is blessed to have one kid. His name is Knox Samuel Bregman and he was born on August 2, 2022.

Q What is Alex Bregman’s baby’s name?

Knox Samuel Bregman is the name of Reagan and Alex Bregman’s baby.

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