Samie Amos

Samie, who represents white ethnicity, follows the Christian religion. Born on 4 May 1998 in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, She is a volleyball player. Samie Amos is the well-known ex-girlfriend of famous basketball player Jayson Tatum. They do not live as a pair now as the NBA star is with Ella Mai Howell, who is a famous British musician. She is the reason behind Samie not being a part of Jayson’s life anymore. However, it is only Jayson who has made Samie famous. Otherwise, she was just a common personality. This is what makes her a personality worth knowing and how this break has changed her life. It must be a task that has ups and downs for her.

Samie Amos Biography

Samie Amos is a Volleyball player who is known as the ex-girlfriend of NBA’s Jayson Tatum, who is in a relationship with Ella Mai Howell now. Sammie came to this world on 4 May 1998 in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. It makes Taurus her zodiac sign but she does not wear any gemstones and all. Samie does have American as her nationality. She follows the Christian religion and seems to be a devotional personality towards Lord Jesus.

Samie Amos Basic Information 

Height5 feet, 7 inches 
Weight57 kg 
Body measurements34-26-34 inches
Bra size32C
Eye colourDark Brown
HairDark Brown
Feet8 (US)
Dress4 (US)
Age 32 Years Old

Samie Amos Parents, Siblings

Samie’s parents are Jason and June Amos. She feels blessed to live her childhood with her brother Luke Amos. Samie was born into a smart financial background. Therefore, she never had to face major battles with things she wanted as a child. It shows the fact that Samie mostly saw a pleasing times during her much younger days.

She said: “I am in love with my parents and sibling as what they have done for me is just creative. It is what tells a lot about how crucial it is for the family to make things flow in a better manner as it does give the look which makes me feel I am special and it is what shows my love for my family,” she said. Samie did like to spend time with her mother a lot. She used to play a lot with her mother when she was growing up and it is what gives an idea about her family life.

Samie Amos Education 

Samie Amos was famous for managing academics and extracurricular activities very well. She went to St Louis Public School for getting a basic education. For higher studies, Duke University gave her a smart platform to shine. The sports scholarship allowed Samie to study at a precious university for many students in the United States. 

It does show the love for sports she has and how different paths she has taken unlike many others girls of her age who do want to be a model only. “I did like to study a lot but I won’t say that I do love it more than I love sports. It has indeed worked very well for me to create a good platform in my life where I know what I want to do,” she said.

Samie Amos Love Life

Samie is the long-term girlfriend of Jayson Tatum. They have been living together since 2016. A year later, Samie and Jayson did welcome a new member to their young family. His name is Jayson Tatum Jr. Samie became a mother at a very young age. Hence, she feels 10 times more mature than others. Tatum does take care of her studies, work and family very well. 

Despite her boyfriend is earning very well, she wants to keep on working hard for making her future bright. Sammie loves Jayson Tatum from the bottom of his heart as she sees her future only with him. It shows the level of trust both have in their relationship. They did part ways in 2021 end and it did lead Jayson Tatum to become the boyfriend of Ella Mai Howell. “I was indeed hard to part ways with Jayson (Tatum) as I did see a bright future with him back then. Nevertheless, I am happy how smoothly we did part ways,” she said.


She is a university-level volleyball player. She has been working hard to represent the United States in international volleyball competitions from a very young age. But she did not manage to take that next step to be that good player who can one the best. But the stability she has in her career is good. Samie always saw her future in the field of sports. Hence, she pushed herself very hard for becoming a decent player.

As the competition is very high in the United States, Samie sees her boyfriend as an inspiration to reach the highest level. Her sport is not financially too sound – but she does her level best despite knowing these facts. For young kids, Samie can be a great inspiration to follow in this brick-and-mortar world. The way she has become such a followed personality is the kind a look many can try in life for becoming better. “I would say that it is crucial for every girl to give its best for making sure that everything follows to some positivity,” she said.

Social Media 

6,996 followers on Instagram make it clear that Amos has earned the fans on her own. She could have got millions of followers from the backing of her soul mate. However, Samie wants to make her name. She has kept her Instagram account private. Otherwise, one can see more followers coming from the end of Amos as she is very famous. But she likes to keep it a good part of her social media where she does select who can join her and who can’t. It does help to follow things in a right manner for her and stay about the toxic nature of social media.  

Samie Amos

Samie Amos Net Worth 

The net worth of Samie Amos is USD 400K. Most of her money has come from her career. It has helped her to get the money so she can start good projects in her life. She has a collection of 13 luxury bags and most of them were given to her by her ex-boyfriend. She does also help an NGO who does help street dogs in the United States. Being a dog lover, she feels that it is her duty to do the same and hence, Samie is trying her best in the same direction. It does tell how she manager her wealth.  

Samie Amos Husband 

Jayson Tatum is a National Basketball Association (NBA) player. He made his professional debut for Boston Celtics in 2017. Jayson is a well-known basketball player as he loves to give him on the football pitch. Jayson is a dream player to invest in for betting lovers. He is also known as the boyfriend of Ella Mai Howell, who is a famous face in the world of music from the United Kingdom.  

Jayson was born on 3 March 1998 in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. He is the father of Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr.. Jayson did go to Duke University. Brandy Cole and Justin Tatum are her parents of Jayson. Jaycob Tatum is his brother. He did win gold for the United States at the 2020 Olympic Games, which did happen in Tokyo in 2021 due to COVID that hit the world in 2020. He is one of the most famous current NBA professionals.


Q Who is Samie Amos?

Samie Amos is the ex-girlfriend of NBA star Jayson Tatum.

Q Who is the girlfriend of Jayson Tatum?

Ella Mai Howell is the girlfriend of Jayson Tatum.

Q When was Samie Amos born?

4 May 1998 is the date of birth of Samie Amos.

Q Are Samie Amos and Jayson Tatum still together?

No, Samie Amos and Jayson Tatum are not still together.

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