A platform which consists of hundreds of categories to display. A full package platform to burst your stress, disorder and tension. This portal was originally originated from south side of the country. If you understand only South media then this is a portal to watch all dramas and actions.

Here, you can explore various other languages of movies too. From Hindi media to English media and dual audio facility is what makes it unique. This site is popular for all the Tamil,  Telegu, Kerala, and other south visual media release on their site.  They bring all the movies and shows with counted quality options and resolutions. A site which is absolute free to sell entertainment over a large scale is insane.

About Southfreak

Southfreak is a digital platform where you can watch all categories of movies and visual media for free. An online site where all the latest movies and shows are available. If you’re a fan of South Indian movies, this site is a right choice for you to explore. A site which is popularly known as media entertainment platform. They are limited on the basis of their domain name, but follows no boundaries when it comes to movies, television shows and web series.

They have very attractive and simple front interface. There are various other similar sites like this who promote movies on their channel illegally. To get whatever you need, use the search bar as per your mood. They release all the dramas and web series in South media language which is why it is called a Southfreak.

How to download movies on Southfreak?

A pirated site which are not acceptable by the laws still have a successful market because of the people who promote it. Yes you can  download movies through this site. Downloading and streaming movies on this site is completely illegal. Once you downloaded the movie you can stream whenever you want.

To download web series and shows form this site, you need to follow below listed steps:

  1. Search for the illegally official site of Southfreak on your browser.
  2. Open the link on the browser.
  3. Search for the movies you want to download or watch.
  4. Select the genre for better results on display.
  5. Open the movies link, and go down.
  6. Select the download option form the followings.
  7. Once it  is downloaded enjoy your movies and dramas in your device.

Southfreak Secret

A hidden secret of this site is that they make people fall in their trap. They bring all the favourite south actions, drama and emotions for people. They have all kind of entertainment from Tollywood to Bollywood.

There are various drawbacks that people are unaware about. As, per the past users experiences is came out that such sites are not good for your device.

There are various more reasons that connects people to this site. Numbers of genre to watch, quality media, high sound quality and smooth interface are  the reasons too.

Genre offered by Southfreak

List of genre offered by this application are : History, Game- show, Fantasy,  Thriller, Talk show, Suspense, Sci-Fi, Romantic, Sport, Social, Teen, Mystery, News, Dark, Crime, and  Documentary, Family , Comedy, Erotic, Biography, War,  and Horror.

Categories offered by Southfreak

Top three categories which they offers on their site are:

  • South Actions: They leak the movies before the release which affects the Tollywood industry. This includes all the shows, movies and series that are released by the south media industry. Today we all know that Tollywood is growing remarkable.
  • Open Romance: They provide dual audio facility apart form South media language for the viewers. This includes all the medias and movies that are released by Hollywood media industry. All the latest movies and dramas are available on this site.
  • Indian Masala: To explore Bollywood masti you can explore this platform. A platform where you can enjoy all the Hindi drama, dialogues and emotions for free. It includes all the Indian masala in this category.

Top 8 benefits of Southfreak

  • Platform where  you get all the top categories of cinematic Industry: Hollywood, Tollywood and Bollywood.
  • People can watch quality media content after few days of its official release.
  • You can download Movies and visual entertainment from this site.
  • All the latest Tamil movies are available on this portal
  • You can watch all the movies, drama, action and series for free.
  • No subscription Fee are charged by this site.
  • A place where all the media content are available to explore.
  • For all the visual media you can switch to South media language.

Top 7 limitations of Southfreak

  • It is not a safe and secured platform to enjoy entertainment.
  • Brings advertisement in between.
  • Charge high data for quality visuals.
  • It is a pirated site which is officially banned as per law.
  • People may fall in trap because of tempting offers and free accessibility
  • It affects the electronic device which you are unaware of.
  • They impact on the privacy of your data entered.

How do Southfreak earn revenue ?

They play advertisement on their sites. They accepts various brand offers to play their promotional advertisement between the movies. This strategy helps them to promote their own business along with the sponsors. To earn income and to provide free facility to the viewers they run advertisement on their site. They enough high profitability revenue with the help of advertisement.

Competitors of Southfreak

There are number of pirated sites available in the market. Such sites offered free entertainment to gain competitive advantage. Southfreak have a very highly competitive market. There are two types of alternatives available in the market;  one is legal and another is an illegal mode.

Illegal competitors of this site are:

  • EZ TV
  • Gomovies
  • Vega movies and,
  • Tubi
  • Crackle
  • Movieflix

Legal competitors of this site are:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney HotStar
  • Sony Live
  • Netflix
  • Zee5
  • Voot


Be safe while choosing, take a moment to think whey they offering such tempting offers to the viewers. We as a responsible platform don’t promote such sites in the public. You can watch whatever you wish to as per your mood.

Such links are not safe for your device so he careful when you choose such platforms for entertainment. A digital media site for the people who are big fans of drama and action. A platform where you can watch all genre of movies. This site is not a legal site, and it should not be promoted. Such sites are completely unsafe and unsecured when it comes to privacy. It is an unauthorised site which offers all the leaked movies on their platform. Enjoy cinematic view on your device.

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By adarsh