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  • Many women find the thought of menopause distressing while others find it exciting. It’s like starting a new phase of life. The kids leave home. There is more time to enjoy hobbies and meet up with friends, do some traveling, etc. 
  • Often, though, health challenges get in the way of these plans. Things like irregular menstrual periods occur. You feel hot and sweaty a lot of the time, even angry and irritable, and you have become sensitive about things people say. 
  • What is happening is you are experiencing the menopausal transition.
  • The comfort is that the nasty side effects needn’t be endured. We will show you lifestyle changes, diet, exercises, and supplements that can get you back into your groove. 

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Menopause is not a disease or disorder. It’s the natural time of a woman’s life. Often it’s fraught with many other transitions apart from the physical ones. A woman might be adjusting to empty nest syndrome, caring for aging parents, coping with retirement, and more. 

For millions of women, they aren’t happy with the menopausal symptoms they’ve noticed – the embarrassing hot flashes, difficulty sleeping, painful sex, and feelings of moodiness and irritability.

Menopause is a time when you might have heard yourself say a lot of times, ‘What is going on? Is it menopause or is it my brain?’ Everything during menopause can start to seem topsy-turvy. Sometimes, you cry just at the drop of a hat, and all your molehills look like they have become mountains. If you have asked yourself this question a few times, you no doubt have been answered by now – it’s your menopausal hormones. The constant changing of your hormone levels at this time can play havoc with your emotions.

Here Are 7 Fantastic Ways You Can Start Getting Your Body, Health, And Skin A New Lift So That You Can Run Into Menopause With Open Arms

There can be exciting days ahead if you have the gift of health. No, you can’t stop the natural cycles of life, but there is plenty you can do to transition yourself into this new phase of life and beyond.

  1. Consider Hormone Therapy (HT) – Hormone therapy is a good way to take care of all those nasty side effects that a lot of women experience, such as hot flashes, weight gain, headaches, anxiousness, and more. Hormone therapy allows the body to be infused with hormones that the body no longer produces – all the nasty symptoms disappear. Even your bone health can improve when you take hormone replacement therapy. See Kindra review postings if you want something natural. Hormone therapy needs to be discussed with your doctor, though, because not all women are suitable for it or will find relief from it.
  1. Lubrication and moisturization – Many women who go through menopause experience painful sex during intercourse. It can become a real problem because it can impact their relationship with their husband or partner. Self-esteem can be affected. Some women feel they’ve lost their attractiveness and sexiness. And many times, these women don’t receive love or support from their partners either. There is a relief to be found in moisturizing gels and lubricants that help make sex less painful. Also, you can discuss the use of prescription estrogen vaginal cream with your doctor.
  1. Stay hydrated, fresh, and cool – When you drink plenty of cold water, you help regulate your body temperature and also help to keep hot flashes at bay. Drinking water also decreases hormonal bloating and replenishes dry skin. Try and drink at least eight to twelve glasses of water each day to stay hydrated. A little fan by your bed at night, as well as water, will help keep the night sweats controlled. This could be better than throwing off all the bedsheets and causing ructions between you and your partner. Also, menopause supplements may help improve your mood for sex. One such product is called Kindra. It contains naturally derived ingredients that enhance your libido.
  1. Top-rated menopause supplements help – Your doctor will tell you about good supplements for menopausal symptoms if you are not going to go on HRT therapy. You get excellent natural supplements that take the place of HRT. 

Have you heard of Kindra products before? You will love the way you can take control of your menopausal problems by leaving it all in the hands of this supplement. The company that makes it has marvelous healthy, natural products to deal with menopause symptoms for you. 

Check out what top experts have to say about top-rated menopause supplements in Health Web Magazine – you will straight away want to say goodbye to night sweats, brain fog, hot flashes, fatigue, and loss of energy. Studies show that natural supplements lead to a 77% improvement in hot flashes and a 48% improvement in brain fog.

  1. Protect your bones – Osteoporosis is one of the major menopausal symptoms – a real risk to women after menopause. Aging causes bone loss to speed up around menopause. There are bone-strengthening exercises that can help, and they are essential.
  1. Avoid midlife weight gain – Putting on weight around middle age is mostly related to lifestyle and aging, particularly in the abdomen area. Women need to be very attentive to diet and exercise at this time because excess abdominal fat is associated with the risk of heart disease. 
  1. How you sleep is vital at this time – Now is the time of your life to start considering your alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine intake. One study in a menopause journal noted that insomnia is a big complaint in menopausal women.


When the hormone levels start to decline, all the systems in your body that have these hormone receptors start to register the changes, and that includes the brain. It’s the disruption in the whole biochemical activity chain which affects the mood-regulating chemical production. These can cause you to experience mood swings, depression, temper tantrums, and ups and downs. Your top priority is to reduce stress in your life, change some lifestyle habits, and take top-rated menopause supplements. Still, menopausal change can be as good as a holiday!

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By Grace