If you are someone who enjoys cannabis relief and relaxation, there’s a new cannabinoid that is trending, especially among Gen Z and the millennials. Delta 8 Vaping Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as Delta 8 THC, is one of the many cannabinoids present in the hemp and marijuana plant. Like THC, Delta 8 is also psychoactive but milder.

What are the effects of Delta 8 Vaping?

The effects may vary from individual to individual. Some Delta 8 Vaping users feel relaxed and calm, while others report experiencing an energetic and creative vibe. However, everyone agrees that Delta 8 is much more manageable and less intense than Delta 9 THC or simply THC. However, since it is very potent, new users can feel overwhelmed.

Delta 8 is found in edibles, joints, oils, including Delta 8 vape pen concentrates. The onset of the cannabinoid is almost instantaneous when vaped and can last for 2-3 hours.

Is Delta 8 Vaping Legal?

Vaping Delta 8 in the USA is federally legal as long as it has been sourced from hemp plants and not marijuana. Hemp is a legal type of cannabis plant with less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, which is the federal legal limit of THC. This is why hemp plants with lower THC levels are allowed to be grown and processed.

Why vaping is better than smoking Delta 8 THC?

Vaping is one of the most efficient ways to consume delta-8 THC, as little is needed per dose. There are many reasons why people prefer vaping over smoking like:

  • Vape pens have the house smelling better
  • Better breath
  • It does not involve cleaning ashtrays or dust.
  • It does not require paper or rolling
  • Delta 8 Vaping pens are discreet and can be vaped anywhere, anytime.

What are the different vaping types available in the market?

Here are different vaping variants available in the market:

  • Delta-8 Vape Cartridges: Vape cartridges can hold 500 to 1000 milligrams of Delta-8 THC. While some come with D8 extract, others are for single-use only. The cartridge screws onto almost any battery.
  • Disposable Delta-8 Vapes: Disposable Delta 8 vapes contain a certain amount of “hits” are disposed of when they run out. They are smaller in size and are non-rechargeable.
  • Delta-8 Vape Pods: Vape pods are almost like cartridges, except they are only compatible with the Juul type of batteries.
  • Delta-8 THC Flower: Instead of vaping extracted Delta-8 THC, users inhale different Delta-8 THC flower strains via a joint or a bong.

What do you need to Vape Delta 8 properly?

The best part about Delta 8 Vaping pen is that it does not require any expansive set of supplies. Most of the vapes are universal, meaning they’re attached to batteries from different brands. Here’s what you need to vape Delta-8:

  • Battery: You cannot vape Delta-8 properly without a battery or a vape pen. A vape pen can come in various sizes and forms, but as they are made with a 510 thread, they’re usually compatible with most vape cartridges. Some vape pens are more rounded and can only be used Juul pods.
  • Charger: A charger provides power to the vape pen battery. When a vape pen battery is charged, it first heats the bottom component and then the extract allowing the consumer to inhale the vapor.
  • Optional Items: A carrying case is a great way to keep your vape pen, battery, and charger safe and secure. Since most chargers connect to an outlet via a USB charger wall plug, having an extra wall plug in your case can be helpful.

What color should Delta 8 Vaping be?

You’ll note that many vape carts on the market come in various colors (clear, rose, or golden like traditional cannabis vape oil). Pure D8 extract begins clear but is particularly susceptible to light, heat, or oxygen exposure when used alone and may turn somewhat pink. The vape oil is stabilized by full-spectrum D8 distillate, which contains CBD, CBG, and trace levels of additional cannabinoids like CBN, CBC, and D9 THC. The full spectrum extract has a somewhat golden tint. As a result, color can suggest a higher-end, cannabinoid-rich product.

How much Delta 8 Vaping should you vape?

It is important to note that no two individuals are the same. The right amount of Delta 8 THC to vape, in general, varies depending on your body type and the potency of the vape. Getting your perfect D8 will take some trial and error. When you are vaping CBD for the first time, it is best to start low and go slow. You want to build up your tolerance to D8 slowly; otherwise, you may experience some adverse side effects from delta 8. Start with a “small dose of about 1mg or 2mg and slowly increase it by no more than 5mg at a time.” Then, wait for at least six hours before you vape again to see how your body reacts.

Since delta 8 THC is half as potent as delta 9, its effects may not be as intense if you already have some experience with marijuana. According to D8 users in Reddit, “if marijuana (delta 9 THC) takes you two puffs to get high, delta 8 will take four puffs.”

Delta 8 vape pens are a comparatively new addition to the vaping market and are not for everyone. Unlike other Delta 8 vapes on the market, TribeTokes offers pure and potent vape oil that is full-spectrum, containing CBD, CBG, and strain-specific terpenes for maximum therapeutic benefit. In addition, they provide Delta 8 full gram cartridges, all-in-one delta 8 disposable vapes, starter kits, and batteries.

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By Grace