PDF is the universal format to share documents at different levels. PDF files can be opened on any device. They are considered more secure than other formats. They can be reduced to a significant size that makes them easy to share. Both professionals and students prefer modificare PDF for reading and sharing among them. All in all, PDF is the most convenient format because of its various benefits to the users. You can now also have multiple online PDF converters available to help you with several operations to perform on your PDF files.

Since the use of PDF files has been quite normalized these days, we are sharing the names of the 5 best online converters with their brief introduction. This will help you know some of the best and most effective compress pdf converters.


In our opinion, 2pdf.com is an ideal online compress pdf converter with a diverse range of functions one can perform using this software. Whether you would like to split, merge, convert, compress, delete, extract, or rotate, all these operations are available to do with this tool. Moreover, they are intended to add more functions. This tool is free to access from anywhere. Without downloading an app, you can access the website directly and get your PDF files converted into whatever format you want.


The tool Lua provides a PDF service of conversion with dual possibilities. Using this tool, you can convert PDFs into Word and Word files into PDFs. With SSL encryption, this tool ensures maximum security for your documents. Hence, using this software, you can rest assured about the security of your files. Like the above one, Lua is accessible from the cloud, so there is no need to download or install the app. You can avail of its conversion services directly from the server using any device.


iLovePDF is among the latest tool introduced for PDF service. However, it possesses the characteristics of a high-end, quality service provider. That’s the reason we are seeing the tool is getting more popular and decided to add it to our list of top converters. Its simple and straightforward interface makes it a center of attention for beginner-level users. It can equally benefit professionals with its wide range of functions, including editing, splitting, merging, compressing, and many more.

FoxitPhantomPDF Standard

This tool is specially designed for window users. If you have Windows 7 or Windows 10, you can use this software to convert pdf files online. This software facilitates the conversion of PDF documents into various formats of your interest with high-quality results. For example, you can convert PDF files into Word, Image, HTML, and other formats. This tool also possesses a user-friendly interface that makes it much more convenient for users with different levels of knowledge.


If you want to have unlimited conversion options, then UniPDF is what you need. Using this tool, your PDF files can be converted into DOCS, HTML, RTF, JPG, GIF, PNG, TGA, and several other formats. Moreover, despite having numerous options, it doesn’t compromise the quality of results. It also allows selective page conversions facility, saving more of your time ahead. Another important thing about this tool is it preserves the original format and layout of your PDF documents. Furthermore, this conversion can be brought about in batches also.

Final Words

All online PDF converters we have discussed here are only a few of the best converters we have got to know so far. However, by doing a little more research, you can find multiple names and choose from them that fit your needs.

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By Grace