Due to its numerous uses, micro-controller-based projects are growing in popularity. Everything around us utilises hardware and software for proper operation, from the cell phones we use to the electronic circuit boards. Such integration is only made possible by advanced embedded systems.

You will better understand this fundamental technology and its many real-world applications by working on an engineering project involving embedded systems. Here, we’ve gathered a few excellent and top embedded systems projects for you to use for your engineering project.

LED propeller display

A circular screen is produced using a propeller display, which is a circular array of linear LEDs rotating rapidly. The human eye’s inertia causes this “illusion”. The propeller LED display system is what we use in this project to rotate a group of LEDs for rotating displaying text, numbers, and symbols. Numerals and text can be displayed on cylindrical displays.

Embedded Webcam with Wi-Fi

This project uses the TCP-IP protocol to connect the MRF24WBOMA Wi-Fi module, the PIC microcontroller, and the camera module. The camera records live footage from a distance. It is wirelessly broadcast via the internet and is viewable on a laptop or a computer. The design makes use of readily available, inexpensive parts and a serial peripheral interface (SPI).

Biometric attendance system

Attendance in businesses and educational institutions will involve additional paperwork and time. In order to address this issue, biometric attendance systems are utilised. In the next project, we’ll show you how to use an AVR microcontroller to create a circuit for a biometric attendance system. This circuit’s primary goal is to record attendance and present information as needed.

Solar tracker system

A significant source of energy that is emerging is solar energy. Renewable energy sources with low operating costs are urgently needed. We only have high production with the current solar energy harvesting systems at set times, typically noon. In this project, a dual-axis solar tracker system is suggested, which would significantly boost production.

System for Rail Security Using ZigBee Technology

This basic embedded systems project could save many lives. The railway security system is required to inspect track cracks. A ZigBee-enabled embedded system could automatically find cracks. Sensor and control system communication is accomplished through the use of ZigBee technology. The robot that looks for cracks alerts the operator when one is found.

Locator for Underground Cable Flaws

Today, we employ underground wires because they are resistant to weather changes. Finding the precise location of an underground cable problem is difficult, though. To get around this, an embedded system project can be created that detects the defective cable using electromagnetic signals. The 8051 microcontrollers could be used to display the precise location of the defect on the LCD.

Lid-Monitoring Sensor

This circuit is what you’ve been looking for if your application calls for a lid monitor sensor system. The security industry would be a potential market for such sensors. For instance, construction firms require additional means of preventing tool theft. When a toolbox is opened or tampered with, sensors that monitor the lid can be utilised to alert the user.

The Bottom Line

The important embedded system projects listed above span various application domains. Pick and choose the one you want from the advanced embedded system projects listed above. The work is made easier and more precise with the aid of these embedded systems. Therefore, both basic and complex devices employ these embedded systems frequently.

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By Grace