Watched the pro Kabaddi league on TV when you were a kid? Kabaddi fans cannot afford to miss the exciting pro Kabaddi fantasy leagues on television. There is now a pro kabaddi fantasy league for you to play.

As with kabaddi leagues we see on television, the rules of pro kabaddi fantasy league are similar to those. KhelChamps has a kabaddi tab that you can easily access to become familiar with the pro kabaddi fantasy games.

How to Play Pro Kabaddi league?

It has its roots in ancient Indian and South Asian cultures. Kabaddi is an easy-to-learn contact sport with a rich history dating back millennia. A Kabaddi match consists of two halves of twenty minutes each between two teams of seven players each. It is a game in which players from each team run cross court to the other team’s half and tag members of their team, then run back to their respective teams. Whenever they tag more opposing team members, they score more points, but if they are stopped from crossing back to the opposing team, they do not score!

Rules and prizes for the Pro Kabaddi League?

As with Pro Kabaddi Games, the Pro Kabaddi League follows the same rules. It allows players to invest in their favorite players online and win money by choosing the best scorers on their pro kabaddi fantasy teams.

The more you play in fantasy leagues involving pro kabaddi, the better your chances of winning. Selecting multiple teams (up to six) increases your odds of winning money. You have until reorganizing the teams before the pro kabaddi league starts.

Here are some rules for pro kabaddi league:

1.    If the toss is won, the winning team may choose the court or raid, and the losing team has the remaining choice. The court shall be changed for the second half and the team that did not select a raider shall send him or her first. As at the end of the first half, the number of players should remain the same for the second half.

2.    Any part of the body touching outside the court (outside any end line) shall be declared out. If a player’s entire body is out of the court during struggle and no part of the player is in contact with the court, including the lobby, the player is declared out.

3.    During the struggle, as well as after the struggle, the court shall include all lobbies in the raid. There are lobbies in each side of the court that the players can use to enter their respective sides. Only the half court side of the defending team will be governed by this rule.

4.    “KABADDI” is the approved cant that raiders will chant.

The opponent will receive one point and the opportunity to raid if the opponent does not have the proper cant on their court while he is declared out. A person cannot be pursued for such crimes under such circumstances.

When does the Pro Kabaddi League starts?

In 2014, a professional league for kabaddi was launched. A pro Kabaddi league includes teams from various parts of India. As of today, Patna Pirates are the only pro kabaddi league team to win so many titles.

As of 2019, the Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League has ended. Last year’s championship was won by the Bengal Warriors. The dates for this year’s Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League have not yet been announced. KhelChamps will announce the dates soon, and you can bet on your favorite pro kabaddi fantasy champion.

What is Fantasy Kabaddi?

The online version of Kabaddi, India’s most popular sport, is called Fantasy Kabaddi. Since it is a contact sport, playing it requires quick reactions and a strong sense of speed. In addition, BalleBaazi includes a new app that lets you create a Fantasy Kabaddi squad on-the-go, so you’ll never have to worry about assembling your team when you’re on the go.

In Fantasy Kabaddi, each team gets a Captain & Vice Captain. It is normal for the captain and vice-captain to be selected as the captain and vice-captain respectively, since the captain receives double the fantasy points he scores in games, while the vice-captain receives 1.5 times.

Benefits of Playing Fantasy Kabaddi Online

It is simply impossible to describe the joy of playing online fantasy Kabaddi because the concept of fantasy allows anyone to be engaged and close to a sport they absolutely adore. BalleBaazi also offers fantasy kabaddi. A few of the most significant benefits are as follows:

1.    Play fantasy kabaddi to get closer to the real thing

2.    Learn about a sport and earn money by utilizing your skills and knowledge

3.    Get a daily fantasy kabaddi account today and stop wasting time in useless debates

4.    Play daily on BalleBaazi to improve your knowledge and skill of fantasy kabaddi

5.    We at BalleBaazi provide our players with the BB rewards store that allows them to win no matter what they do on kabaddi online fantasy.

6.    We are offering BalleBaazi fantasy kabaddi players a chance to be featured on our social media pages.

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