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The Azure certification process evaluates and verifies a candidate’s knowledge and skills in addressing a variety of challenges that are associated with Azure. Others simply finish the training and acquire the necessary knowledge, while still others go on to earn the certification at the end of the process.

Azure certifications are highly regarded in the international information technology sector; as a result, companies are willing to pay significant sums of money to hire certified Azure professionals. The following is a list of the most popular Azure certifications, broken down into their respective levels.

What is the Azure career path?

Fundamental Level Azure Certifications

This is the starting point for certification in Azure at its most fundamental level. Obtaining a certification in Azure fundamentals will show you the opportunities that are available for your career and help you decide whether or not you should continue to pursue this path.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals – AZ-900 Exam

You must pass the AZ-900 to become an Azure-certified professional. Candidates will gain foundational knowledge of Microsoft Azure’s cloud services. It helps applicants with knowledge in areas other than technology understand how daily business schedules work and how cloud computing services can ease their burden. This includes procurement, sales, and marketing through the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Associate Level Azure Certifications

Azure certification

This test validated candidates’ skills in controlling, monitoring, maintaining, and implementing Microsoft Azure secure services. The certification verifies a candidate’s understanding of Microsoft Azure’s computing, security, networking, and storage services. AZ-103 is an updated version of AZ-101 and AZ-100. These were Azure Associate Exam exams.

AZ-203: Microsoft Azure Developer Certification Exam

Associate Azure Developer is a developer-focused certification. Passers of this certification exam are certified in designing, building, and maintaining cloud application services. After earning Associate Azure Developer certification, you can work with clients, vendors, cloud administrators, and cloud computing architects. You also need one year of experience developing scalable software using one of Azure’s supported languages.

AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Certification Exam

Azure Security Engineer was designed for engineers who want to learn, implement, and manage security controls and access management and become responsible for cloud computing data and information security. A specialist with the Azure Security Engineer certification can manage and secure cloud-based solutions, including those with hybrid components. Azure Security Engineer Associate certification requires the ability to automate, script, network virtually, and develop other virtual technology skills. You should also be familiar with Microsoft’s cloud services and other products. This will improve your chances of passing the test and getting certified.

AI-100 Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence Engineer

This certification is for associate-level employees interested in deploying and managing AI-based solutions. This requires knowledge of NLP, bots, cognitive services, speech, computer vision, machine learning, and knowledge mining. An AI-100 exam-passing professional can analyze artificial intelligence solution requirements. They can suggest tools, methods, and solutions meet scalability and performance needs.

Microsoft Azure Data Scientist – DP-100

This certification is gaining popularity and recognition quickly. For the Azure Data Scientist certification, professionals must pass an associate-level test that validates their ability to design and implement Azure data science solutions. A certified Azure Data Scientist (Associate) can train, evaluate, and deploy Azure machine learning models to solve business and operational issues. Different types of business problems and operational issues require different models.

Data Scientist for Microsoft Azure – Exams DP-200 and DP-201

Candidates must pass both the DP-200 (Implementing an Azure Data Solution) and DP-201 tests in order to become certified as Microsoft Azure Data Scientists. These tests are named respectively “Implementing an Azure Data Solution” and “Developing an Azure Data Solution” (Designing an Azure Data Solution). Both of these things require a more in-depth understanding.

Exam DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution is part of the Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate Level Certification.

The DP-201 test is the second and final test required to earn the Data Scientist certification at the associate level. The ability of professionals to design data solutions using Microsoft Azure is going to be improved as a result of this project.

Expert Level Certifications

There are two different kinds of tests that are included in the expert level of certification for Microsoft Azure. Both of these are designated as AZ-300 and AZ-301.

Certified Solutions Architect for Microsoft Azure (AZ-300)

Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Certification is for IT professionals who want to use cloud computing to help businesses achieve their goals. Azure certifies users. The AZ-300 exam tests a candidate’s ability to provide trustworthy and secure Microsoft Azure cloud solutions for businesses. This certification requires advanced IT skills and knowledge, including virtualization, data management, networking, disaster recovery management, budgeting, security, and business continuity. You must also show you can run a smooth business. This certification requires proficiency in Microsoft Azure for business operations, administration, and software development.

Azure certification
  • Exam Code: AZ-301 Microsoft Azure Architect Design Exam

Microsoft Azure architect design certification is the next step for expert-level certification. Microsoft certified. The AZ-301 exam requires in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Azure. This allows Azure to be used for virtualization, data management, security, networking, and disaster recovery. It’s one of the most prestigious Microsoft Azure certifications you can earn. It can help you get the top job in reputable companies. This is the Final Certification Exam for Microsoft Azure.

The Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer certification is the final step on the path to becoming certified in Microsoft Azure. Along this route, obtaining this credential is among the most prestigious accomplishments you can have.

Certified DevOps Engineer – Microsoft Azure (AZ-400)

AZ-400 is the last exam needed to earn an Azure certification. It tests a candidate’s ability to provide cloud services using Microsoft Azure’s components and features. AZ-400 certifies candidates as Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineers. The candidate’s previous tests are reviewed. The AZ-400 exam validates your ability to design, communicate, collaborate, implement, code, create automation, deliver, and monitor Azure.

To summarize, in order to pass the Microsoft Azure certification exam, candidates are required to demonstrate their competence at multiple levels of validation and certification. It is one of the certifications that is in demand the most in the field of information technology all over the world. Start training for your certification right now to give your career the boost it needs to get to the next level.

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