4 Stand-out Features of Walking Shoes Singapore is home to some of the finest footwear across the globe. Be it sports, casual, formal, or trekking; you can explore various varieties without any hassle.

In fact, the numbers explain Singapore’s fabulous footwear scene. This segment is expected to grow at an impressive rate of 6.17%. Hence, as a fashion lover, this might be the best time to explore various shoe varieties.

The walking shoes in Singapore is one such segment that offers you a unique footwear alternative. So, what are these shoes and which factors define them? Find out in this article.

The ABCs of Singapore Walking Shoes

Shoes aren’t just regular aspects of your style statement. They protect your feet and keep the joints and muscles healthy.

Hence, you should select the most suitable shoes for specific activities. In the case of walking, your heel comes in contact with the ground before the foot. This way, your body weight transfers forward before reaching the toes.

Walking shoes have a distinct design from their running counterparts. They have the following common features:

  • Good arch support
  • High cushioning
  • More stability
  • High flexibility and blend

Overall, walking shoes in Singapore tend to match the weight distribution mechanism effectively. However, when buying a pair of this lovely footwear, you should pay equal attention to some main characteristics. Here are some of the main points that define the uniqueness of Singapore walking shoes.

1. High Level of Flexibility

Online or offline, branded walking shoes in Singapore support ease in bending and twisting. When trying out such shoes, you will naturally experience a flex in your foot as you roll from heel to toe. So, avoid buying footwear whenever you come across a stiffer experience. The best walking shoes will always have a decent level of flexibility.

2. Cushioning

One of the X-factors of walking shoes is comfortable cushioning. Here’s what you can look for in the most reliable Singapore walking shoes:

  • Small support
  • Soft midsoles
  • Curved last

Notably, people with high arch feel highly comfortable with these shoes. You will thus notice top-notch cushioning in the best walking shoes.

3. Comfort

Walking needs to be very comfortable, right?  Well, comfort is the defining trait of specialised walking shoes. They comprise padding and contours that conform closely to the feet.  

Hence, you have ample room on the forefoot. Walking shoes also offer a snug fit around the heel region. All these factors contribute heavily to the comfort of this footwear.

4. Breathability

You might think a breathable lining is a definitive USP of running shoes. However, the same applies to the case of walking shoes. This footwear is primarily waterproof and made from high-quality lining material. So, you can walk comfortably for longer distances.

Walking shoes from the best Singapore sellers portray flexibility, cushioning, comfort, and breathability. These traits make them stand out in comparison with conventional footwear. As a consumer, you should use specialised shoes for different applications. After all, these items help offer the much-needed requirement to support your motion. Always note that walking shoes are different from their running counterparts.

Hence, pay attention to the defining features and technicalities like insole, outsole, gel, etc. Buying these items from the most reliable Singapore stores will always prove as a great decision. So, enjoy a long walk with your favourite walking shoe pair. 

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By Grace