Washi tapes are an arts and crafts item that’s primarily used as a decorative frame or for other related purposes to make the project more appealing. The great thing about Washi tapes is that they are essentially flexible, and their purpose extends beyond where your imagination takes you.

In today’s article, I will talk about what is exactly a Washi tape is and how it can enhance your art projects. I’ll also provide you with a list of ideas on how you can use your Washi tapes which include other items that go along with it perfectly.

So without further ado, let’s begin…

What is a Washi Tape?

Before anything else, it’s imperative to discuss first and foremost what a Washi tape is. As mentioned, Washi tapes are a type of multi-purpose arts and crafts item that’s mainly used as decorative frames or borders.

Some of the popular ways that these art items are applied include embellishing your scrapbooks, journals, school projects, etc.

Washi Tape Ideas

Now, the following are just some of the popular Washi tape ideas that you can purpose for—

1. Journal

Washi tapes are an excellent layout to decorate your daily journal entries. It gives how you tell your experiences vibrance and more emphasis that would make a certain occasion meaningful.

2. Daily Planner

There are various ways you can embellish your organizer. Aside from the apparent aesthetics, decorating your daily planner allows you to label a specific note or categorize it more effectively to enable you to quickly identify the reminders you have to consider.

You can use plain Washi tape as a label to create sections and lines that you can write on.

3. Gift Wrap

Washi tapes being used in gift wrapping are also another great way to express your artistic tendencies. Also, using Washi tapes with varying tones emits thoughtfulness because of the outstanding details it presents. As a result, your loved ones and friends you are giving the presents to will appreciate it because you are adding your personal touch to it.

4. Artistic Envelopes

You can use your artistic imagination for envelopes you use for special events as an invitation. And a perfect way to infuse art into the invitation cards is by applying Washi tapes to them. 

In addition, you can either uniformly use the same patterns in the set of envelopes or make each of them unique if you are only giving the cards to a select of people.

5. Wall of Art

If you have an artistic kid at home, then one of the best ways to boost their confidence is to prominently display your child’s work of art on a wall. Now, you can attach a piece of artwork by using Washi tapes as borders to help them stay in one place.

You can use custom washi tape to add a little twist and texture to the frames of the artwork.

6. Painting

If you have been on TikTok or Instagram for quite some time, I’m sure you have watched those art video clips where they will spew paints on a canvas and peel out the Washi tapes afterward. 

Aside from adding texture to the artwork, Washi tapes give the artists perfect clean edges when they are peeled out eventually. In addition, these materials are known to be less harsh than paper which does not lead to tearing when you remove them.


Washi tape is a great tool for arts and crafts. You can experiment with them on any projects that cross your mind—they are flexible, reliable, and paper-friendly.

Another great advantage of Washi tapes is that they are relatively affordable and won’t cost you that much in any case you have an arts and crafts emergency.

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By Grace