When it relates to making four-wheel drive touring simpler and a great deal more enjoyable, the portable refrigerator slides have got to be one of the best devices ever invented. Tilt fridge slides can keep food and drinks cold for an extended period. Suppose you can keep perishable foods fresh and drinks icy cold, regardless of where you are and how hot the weather is. In that case, you can stay fed, hydrated, healthy, and happy irrespective of how far you are from civilisation. It is because you can keep fresh even those foods that typically spoil quickly and drinks at a freezing temperature.

Naturally, the amount of space available in your vehicle and the quantity of food and beverages you intend to transport into the wilderness will play a role in selecting the most suitable refrigerator for your needs. If the top hinges at one end, opening it will require extra roof space, and if it swings at one side, mounting the lid where you can reach the cabinet is required. 

Basic Slide

The purpose of a basic slide is to perform precisely the function suggested by its name: it enables you to slide your refrigerator out far enough to make its contents easier to access. The slide for the refrigerator is permanently installed into the vehicle, and you can pull out the base using drawer slides. The refrigerator will be secured atop the slide using straps fastened through holes in the slide’s base and the handles. You could also permanently mount the refrigerator on the slide by inserting bolts through the base and into threaded holes on the underside of the appliance in certain circumstances.


Slides for refrigerators are available in a variety of sizes. They are typically labelled to correspond with the various capacities of refrigerators, such as 40 litres (L), 60 litres (L), or 80 litres (L). Always check the external dimensions of your refrigerator to ensure that it will fit on the fridge slide. For instance, if you have a 60L refrigerator, you shouldn’t assume that it will fit on any 60L refrigerator slide. When selecting a fridge slide, some characteristics to look for include its dimensions, its weight, its carrying capacity, the type and quality of the sliders, the ease with which the opening mechanism can be used, how it locks into place when it is closed, and how it locks into place when it is open (or if it locks into place at all). This latter point is essential because you will want to be able to secure the refrigerator slide in the open position whenever the vehicle is parked on terrain that varies in level.

Drawer System Slide

Suppose you plan to put a drawer system into the rear of your wagon or ute, and you also want to seat a refrigerator on top of it. In that case, a set-up with a built-in fridge slide might be a fantastic money-saving alternative for you to consider. 


When the drawer on the tilt fridge slides is extended, baggage and other objects might be at risk of slipping behind the refrigerator. Fridge barriers, also known as cages, are an excellent accessory for any fridge slide since they prevent this from happening. In addition to ensuring sufficient room around the refrigerator’s compressor and condenser for ventilation, fridge barriers enable you to load items right up to the side of the barrier without worrying that it will interfere with the refrigerator’s functioning. 

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By Grace