Selecting the right grammar school for your child is a significant decision. Besides, your child will be spending five years and above there, yet there are many grammar schools to pick from. Unluckily, choosing the leading grammar school is not as easy as making an application. In most occurrences, when the school considers that your child is 11 plus exam results will be a determiner in their choices, the decision becomes more crucial. Read here to select the best grammar learning institution for your child.

Do a Thorough Research on Schools in Your Locality

The primary thing to consider while exploring your child’s best grammar schools option, like Yarra Valley Grammar, is determining what schools are within your locality. Consequently, it may be including the state’s vast learning institutions since you must understand what the grammar school alternative entails. It will help ask relatives, friends, and neighbors who have older children about their former schools. Also, it is helpful to ask their opinion about the level of education they received in those particular grammar schools, including the general performance of the school. Determining what schools other children in your community attend provides you with an insight on which to base your choice.

Consider the Qualification of Bursary

Most parents fail to factor in the option of finding a fee-paying independent grammar school. However, there are those learning institutions that offer scholarships and bursary programs. Moreover, if your child shows remarkable ability in extra-curricular activities such as sports, drama, art, and music, fee-paying grammar institutions could also be an avenue for exploration. It will help to note that some grammar schools have scholarships for such activities.

Go Through the Online Reviews on Each School

Once you have come up with all your prospective grammar schools, the next step is creating a shortlist. One of the features of your short-list needs to be quality. The idea of determining how excellent a learning institution might be is to consider going through the reviews of the present and former students, teaching staff, and parents. An ideal place to begin with, is your preferred school’s website. What is the definition of a school? What kind of facilities and activities do they offer? Has the school worn any awards in any specific area? It is crucial to consider how the school describes itself.

Plan for a Visit to Your Potential School

After reading other individuals’ reviews on the internet, it is vital to consider visiting the grammar school. Many learning institutions offer guided tours to parents and prospective students. These trips allow you to see the school grounds, meet teaching staff, meet present pupils and the headteacher. Additionally, grammar schools tend to host regular open days, where all parents and potential students are welcome to meet the school employees.


Once you have researched the entire grammar schools’ option, it is helpful to rank your child’s chosen schools in order. It doesn’t matter the number of schools you have on your list, but you want to have a backup if your child fails to get the first choice. Try to consider your child’s opinion on school choices like Yarra Valley Grammar, and avoid putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on your child to perform well in the 11 plus exams.

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By Grace