Following your completion of Lost Ark’s level 50 achievement, you will unlock an extensive endgame experience for you to participate in. Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, island quests, and much more are all waiting for you to explore. To engage in any of these activities, however, you must first ensure that your item level matches the difficulty of the content you’re encountering on the battlefield. The items you find in Lost Ark have a level associated with them, which is referred to as item level. This level corresponds to your character’s level in the game. In the endgame grind, increasing your item level is a simple but important aspect of the process. 

In Lost Ark, increasing your character’s item level and lost ark gold is extremely important. What content you can run is dictated by your item level, which also has a direct impact on the overall effectiveness of your character. In this article, we’ve made a few minor changes to better reflect the way upgrading works, how to increase your honing chances once they’re no longer guaranteed, and how Harmony Stones and higher tier resources are used to upgrade your gear. 

All of the weapons and armor you obtain in Lost Ark have an item level associated with them. When you have a certain number of lost ark gold for sale, it determines how powerful your character is and what types of endgame content they can participate in. The higher your character’s overall item level is, the more activities they can participate in and the higher the content tiers you can clear for him or her. Once you reach level 50, it is critical that you increase this number in order to unlock the majority of Lost Ark’s endgame content. When you complete the North Vern Questline, you will be able to access Chaos Dungeons, which require a minimum gear score of 250. These are simple to solo and provide a large amount of gear, so they should be completed first thing in the morning each day before starting the rest of your dailies.

Items have an incredibly low item level when they first appear. Increasing the item level of your character in Lost Ark will result in more powerful stats and even ability-centric upgrades for your character as you progress through the game’s levels. Starting at around 250 item level, you’ll be well on your way to clearing Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids, which will be your first major breakpoint. Through the use of the honing system and endgame rewards, you will be able to raise your item level to a point where you will be able to access T3 content, which is the most difficult content currently available in Lost Ark. The majority of your item level will come from improving your equipment. As soon as you reach level 50, you’ll want to complete a few Chaos Dungeon runs in order to obtain your first set of equipment. You’ll want to speak with a honing vendor in your town’s crafting district once you’ve obtained your equipment. It is located at the southern end of the castle hub in the city of Vern.

Depending on the item you’re attempting to upgrade, the type of Stone Fragments you’ll require will differ. Destructible weapons require Destruction Stones, whereas armor requires Guardian Stones. Harmony Leapstones and Shards are used for all weapons and armor, and they are extremely durable. Material types will change as you progress through the T2 and T3 levels of content. Stone fragments will simply become Stones, Harmony shards will simply become Life shards, and so forth and so forth. It is important to clear content at your character’s maximum item level in order to ensure that you are receiving the correct upgrade materials for honing your equipment.

The upgrade button will appear under a percentage orb as soon as you enter the honing user interface. This orb indicates the likelihood that your upgrade will be successful. Yes, upgrading your equipment has a chance of failing and consuming all of your available resources in the process. The item you wish to upgrade will not be destroyed if you fail to hone it correctly; only the materials you used will be destroyed. Failure will also increase your chances of developing a successful honing system, as indicated by the Artisan’s Energy of the item in question. In the event that your Artisan’s Energy reaches 100 percent, your next honing attempt will almost certainly be successful. Following a successful hone, Artisan’s Energy is reset.

Investing in Harmony Shards in order to attempt a home will be required. You will be able to attempt a hone if you invest the maximum amount possible. The first few tiers of a pyramid will always be successful. However, once you have received a certain number of upgrades, your chance of receiving an upgrade will no longer be assured. Lost Ark Gear Progression is the method of progressing your character after the 50th level in Lost Ark. The higher your gear score rises, the greater the number of activities that become available to you to aid in the advancement of your buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold. In order to better understand how each tier of Lost Ark Gear Progression is achieved, let’s first take a look at the daily activities and other information you will need to know about Lost Ark Gear Progression.

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