People use a wide range of casino games to make their free time more entertaining. However, the ones that are luck-based are always more interesting. They are relaxing and do not require the development of any specific strategy. The only thing you have to worry about is budget organization and money management. Logically, spending more than you can afford can lead to some bigger issues. 

Anyway, bingo certainly is one of the most popular games in all parts of the globe. In almost every country in the world, there is bingo on TV programs with national frequency. People are barely waiting for that one day to come to test their luck and potentially earn some money. 

With the development of advanced technology, bingo has become more accessible to people. Everyone with a stable Wi-Fi connection can access bingo sites and enjoy this game in all parts of the day. There are good guides on the web to learn about playing bingo online but few of them talk about which platform is better in terms of gaming experience – mobile or desktop.

Therefore, we decided to highlight some of the most important features of each option. That way, you can decide which one suits you more. Let’s go! 

Differences between Desktop and Mobile Bingo Casino Sites

Most professional bingo sites are accessible on both – desktop and mobile devices. However, the gaming experience these platforms provide is different. Below you will find the most notable differences between playing online bingo on a desktop and playing on your smartphone. 


Flexibility certainly is on the side of the mobile version of bingo. Playing it on mobile allows you to enjoy the game from any location that is covered with a stable Wi-Fi connection. You can play it at a bus station, in a restaurant, and even from your office (in case it doesn’t distract you). On the other hand, we are pretty sure you are not going to bring your computer with you when you get out of the house. That means you are limited only to your room or any other place where the computer is located. 


Cybersecurity is one of the most popular software development trends. Gambling sites that offer bingo are investing a lot of energy and time to make the desktop and mobile versions of their website safe for everyone. They are using additional layers of protection and SSL encryption to protect the data people are sharing with them. 

But what if human error is the reason why someone lost data? The flexibility that mobiles bring comes with certain risks. Making transactions and logging in to a casino account on a public Wi-Fi network is very risky. Hackers can easily see the data you shared with a casino and use it for different criminal activities. On the other hand, with a computer, you will be connected to a home network that is 100%. Of course, this depends on you, but let’s say that mobiles cause a bit more thinking and worrying. 

Size of the Screen

The comfort that these two devices ensure is not at the same level. The size of the desktop screen is a lot bigger and ensures a better overview of the numbers and tickets. On the other hand, we do not want to say that playing bingo on a smartphone is difficult. As we stated above, gambling sites are investing a lot of effort to create mobile-friendly sites. Because of that, while it can be a bit trickier to play bingo on mobile, we are sure you won’t struggle a lot. 

Generally speaking, almost every brand started to develop a model with a huge screen. For example, the size of the iPhone 13 Pro Max screen is 6.7 inches. That’s big enough to play bingo with a sense of comfort, isn’t it?


We know that speed is one of the main features that bingo players are interested in. Well, we have to say there is no noticeable difference at all. Computers with weak performances are something you won’t often find on the market. Most of them have at least 8 GB of RAM and a good processor. With these two characteristics, you can be sure that the website is going to upload quickly. 

On the other hand, smartphones are now strong as well. Many of them have 16GB RAM and around 500 GB of storage space. Because of that, it is hard to say which of these two devices is going to ensure quicker playing. You may need less money to buy an average mobile than an average computer. Let’s say that’s the only difference. 

But there are two external factors that influence the speed as well. First of all, the upload time depends on the internet speed. You can’t blame the manufacturer or website if you need to wait for a minute for the page to upload. On the other hand, it also depends on the gambling site itself. If the workers of the company do not invest a lot of energy to develop a good app, then you can be sure it won’t work perfectly. 


Let’s make some sort of conclusion. If you need flexibility, then mobiles are a better option. In case you need a larger screen, then computers are going to be the right choice. Both options are pretty good, and we suggest you do not spend too much time thinking about which one is better.

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By Grace