Fixed-odds sports’ betting is usually common to commence one’s sports betting journey. This type of sports betting is the most common find betting type in physical and online casinos.

Fixed-odds betting are the typical means of betting that many people know, and one thing that makes it familiar at fun88 is the game’s level of simplicity. There are two sides of a coin in this type of betting. One part of the team places the bet, which is always the player on a particular result, while the other person is requested to accept the wager, which is the bookmaker. Both parties are always required to have an agreement, and once the game is over, the stake is complete.

If the player sets a bet and wins, proceeds from the game will depend on the agreement from the odds. If the player misses the stakes, the bookmaker wins the total bet and reaps off the player’s bet.

Here are some various means of betting sports on fun88 using fixed odds.

Money Line

This betting method can equally be referred to as “full-time result” or “winner.” The idea is usually similar and the standard type of betting in several countries. The whole idea is to bet on the competition’s winner, and that is all. In some sports, the bettor can be given the option to go in for a draw or tie.


Many bookmakers provide long-term means of betting and this time with fixed odds. For example, a player can support a team to win the league. This is quite parallel to Money line betting, apart from the idea that the bettor must wait for some time before their bet is complete.

Handicap Markets

Handicap fixed betting odd is a fantastic betting strategy that can also be called spreads. They have similar functionality with the money line bet with a primary exclusion. One of the teams or players commences with a fixed benefit over the other competitor, and the player gets to determine if the challenger can get over it or not.


In this betting method, the player will spot lines for the general points scored by the two sides, and then they can decide to bet on over or under. The line in this game can be as low as 1.5 in some sports games like soccer, or they can even go higher right up to 200 in games like basketball.


As mentioned earlier, the other bets that do not fall in any of the groups are known as props. The prop covers all types of markets like players who will make the first score in a game, the next coach that will get fired, transfer belts, and several others.

Final Thoughts

All of the wager options are usually available for both single and multiples. If a player decides to go in for multiple selections in a parlay, all of them will get to win. Some systems include different betting options, and only a couple of games have to be successful for the player to win the game.

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By Grace