PDFs are ubiquitous and can be accessed from all devices, including Macs, Windows PCs, Android, and iOS. But don’t be fooled by the simplistic nature of the PDF file. The file format enables you to do much more than creating & edit and view PDF documents. So whether you are a business owner or a full-time student, these PDF hacks will keep you ahead of the race and help you get the most out of this document format.

Convert any document and content into a PDF file

It is possible to convert any document and content into a PDF file. If you need to convert a document, you can right-click on the document and select to convert it into a PDF file. It is that simple!

As for converting content into a PDF file, you can quickly convert your Microsoft Word files into PDF files by selecting the option Save as > PDF. But, first, you have to choose a file name and click OK.

If you are using Adobe, you can go a step further. Go to File > select Create > select PDF from Window, Screen, or Selection Capture. You can also choose from the other options, such as PDF from Clipboard or PDF from Scanner or Web Page. When you choose these options, you can quickly turn a photo, website, or screenshot into a PDF.

Quickly search for anything in a PDF

If you want to look for specific figures or facts, it can get tricky to go through multiple PDFs. It can get time-consuming, especially if the PDF is hundreds of pages long. If you use a Mac, you can use Preview to look for what you need, but the app is somewhat limited. Instead, you can turn to third-party apps to search inside multiple PDFs like PDF Search. Such apps utilize the power of AI to help you quickly find what you are looking for.

Add comments, annotations, or make edits to a PDF file

Have you created a PDF document? If so, you can give access to other users and make them contributors. It will enable others to offer their comments or annotations. It will help you get the feedback or edits of the other users involved in making the document a success before sending it to third parties or publishing it to the public.

It would be best to choose the text you want to comment on and right-click on it. You’ll get options like Replace Text, Add Note, Add Bookmark, Strikethrough Text, Create Link, etc. Select the most suitable option.

Encrypt, protect, restrict and redact PDF documents

As mentioned before, PDFs are not only for viewing or creating. You can choose to encrypt your PDFs so the information within the document is safe and can be accessed by only those users you’ve given access to. Also, you can restrict access. For instance, you can decide whether others will be allowed to change the documents, add comments, or only view.

Moreover, if there is sensitive information in the PDF document, you can choose to redact such data before the document goes public. Redact means removing delicate information that you wouldn’t want others to become privy to.

If you are using Acrobat DC, head to Tools and select Redact. Then, select the text you wish to remove and confirm your selection.

View PDFs in full-screen mode

You can view PDFs like PowerPoint presentations. First, you need to click View and select Full-Screen Mode. Then, you can quickly jump between pages using your keyboard or mouse.

Gather signatures, survey responses, and other information

While the method might differ depending on the PDF viewer you are using, let’s talk about how you can gather signatures and other information using Adobe Acrobat. The app enables document authors to set up form fields within their document and enable text to be added by users who have access to the document. The forms can have specific criteria, such as date, number, multiple-choice answers, etc.

Add pictures to your PDF files

It is easy to add images to your PDF files. First, you need to click on Tools > select Content Editing > choose Edit Text & Images or Add Images. Then, add the image of your choice and make your PDF file rich in visual content.

Wrapping up

In today’s document-sharing world, PDFs are universally accepted. They are easily viewed on all devices, and they make it easier for everyone to create, access, edit, read and export files. Hopefully, the hacks mentioned above will help you get the most out of using PDF.

Also, it is essential to note several different third-party applications you can use to squeeze everything out of this file format, especially when using a Mac. For instance, you can use PDF Squeezer to compress PDF files and make them easier to share. You can also use PDFpen to edit PDF files quickly.

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