Cricket is always considered the gentleman’s game but there are several occasions when the game did not stay gentle. In most cricket matches, we always see players enjoy themselves on the field and even they joke and laugh with each other. But there are several occasions when player showed their temper to others on the field.  

This article is about those instances when the cricketers lost their temperaments and were involved in fights with other players on the field. 

1. Marlon Samuels Vs Shane Warne

The biggest fight of all in cricket history should be between Marlon Samuels and Shane Warne. Many people will not get surprised after hearing the name Shane Warne in this list as he was The Bad Guy in his generation. But this fight took place way after he got retired from international cricket, it happened in a BBL match between Melbourne Renegades and Melbourne Stars. 

This fight started in the first innings when Stars were batting and Samuels is bowling. David Hussey was batting that time and in one ball he tried to sneak a second run but Samuels jokingly pulled his shirt because the second run was not possible. This incident was not taken sportingly by Stars captain Warne. In the second innings when Samuels was batting, Warne started to abuse him which was heard even on the player mic. 

In the very next over, Warne deliberately trowed the ball on him but slowly but that time Samuels lost his temper and trowed his bat in the air when players and umpires had to come in front to resolve the situation which took a lot of time and game was stopped for a while. After it gets resolved, Warne brought Malinga to bowl in the next over and he gave a stiff bouncer to Samuels which hard very bad on his helmet blood started dripping from his mouth and he did continue playing anymore. This was one of the worst fight people have ever witnessed in cricket. 

2. Javed Miandad Vs Dennis Lillee

This big fight happened between Pakistani batter Javed Miandad and Australian ace pacer Dennis Lillee. The incident started when Miandad tried to take a single and Lillee deliberately stood in between the crease and both of them collided. Miandad got very angry and showed that to Lillee. At the very next moment, Lillee quietly kicked Miandad’s back which made him pretty angry and he tried to hit Lillee with his bat. Though the fight was resolved by the umpires and Austrlian Captain also told that Miandad was the first to provoke him but later Lillee was found guilty and was fined 2000 Austrlian dollars for misconduct. 

3. S Sreesanth Vs Harbhajan Singh

Sreesanth and Harbhajan were the two most controversial characters of the Indian Cricket team. The main reason behind the fight between these two is still unknown but the fight became pretty popular. It was heard that after a match in the IPL ended, Sreesanth went to Harbhajan and said “well played” in a very sarcastic manner which offended him. Later people saw that Sreesanth was crying and he told that Harbhajan slapped him after he passed that comment. Though both were quiet and did not want to make any comment later Harbhajan got banned for that remaining season. 

4. Harbhajan Singh Vs Andrew Symonds

As we have already said that Harbhajan Singh was always a controversial character on the cricket field. The “Monkey Gate” incident which took place during an India vs Australia test match at SCG, was the most prominent controversy in his career. When Sachin along with Harbhajan was batting, both of them were staring at each other but later Symonds said that Harbhajan called him “Monkey” which is considered a slur in the black community. 

This allegation could be very dangerous for Harbhajan as a racial slut is considered a hideous crime for players to commit on the field. But Harbhajan was stuck in that he never used that word and he told that he told Symonds “maaki” which means mother in Hindi. Though Harbhajan got survived as the Indian team was putting pressure that they will not to play anymore in this series. But this incident was the start of the end of their career. To date, many Australians believe that Harbhajan was pretty lucky to get over this incident so easily. 

5. Gautam Gambhir Vs Virat Kohli

Another big fight that took place was between Gautam Gambhir of Kolkata Knight Riders(KKR) and Virat Kohli of the Royal Challengers Bangalore(RCB) team during a match between these two teams in IPL 2013 season. 

Virat in that match was batting beautifully. In the ninth over he hit two great sixes but in the tenth over he tried to hit a shot the ball went straight to the sweeper cover fielder. Virat became pretty upset and started to walk out of the field but Gambhir was celebrating Virat’s dismissal in a very wild way and also he commented some words to Kohli. After hearing those Virat became pretty angry and both of them were inching close to each other when the senior player of KKR, Rajat Bhatia came into them and resolved the situation.

But later when it was asked about the reason for this fight both of them tried to avoid that and did not reveal the reason.  

A fight is not a good thing whether it is on the field or at home, but a fight is not at all good to occur. But there are situations where players tend to lose their temper because they also stay under lots of pressure. When players pass comments or do such silly things it is very hard for the other players to stay under control. But several fights happened on the field after the effect remains between them, which is not a sign of good sportsmanship. Cricket fight in ground should be solved on the ground. It is not good for both the player and the team to take it personally and continue the fight outside also. 

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