The Ashes are referred to as “glittering diamonds” in the world of cricket. If you are an avid follower of the Ashes cricket series, you are aware that numerous Australian heroes have gone on to emerge over the years. The list is glittering as some of the fast bowlers and batsmen are part of the ashes of cricket in a major way.

Complicating matters Some of the greatest Australian players, like Ricky Ponting, have not enjoyed a great outing in Ashes cricket. All of them have been part of their exemplary careers in a major way. Below are some of the greatest Australian cricketers, and they have gone on to charm the world with their epic encounters. A few of them are as follows:

Arthur Morris

He was part of 24 Ashes tests with an outstanding average of 50.73. During the Invincible Tour in 1948, he made his presence felt in a major way. A lot of people have gone on to claim that he is one of the greatest players to have played the game even in the 20th century. An elegant left-hander, he played with class and smashed the England bowlers to all parts of the ground. It is fair to say that hardly a few batsmen have been able to replicate his performances in Ashes cricket.

Dennis Lillie

Well, he was a terror for the English batsmen, and who can forget his performance in the Ashes of 1972? The injury did strike up in 1973, and he had to shed his pace and go on to become a craft operator. In the year 1972, he went on to claim 31 wickets on the wickets of England, despite the fact that it was one of the most closely contested series.

Ray Lindwall

Having played in 29 Ashes tests, some of his outstanding performances have come in the Ashes of 1948. He is considered a pioneer of modern-day fast bowling, and steaming into the crease is something that still excites people. In the series of 1948, he went on to claim 27 wickets. It goes without saying that this is the best team that Australia has put together when it comes to Ashes cricket.

Glenn McGrath

achieved perfection in the Ashes series of 2001. Hardly a few bowlers have had such a major impact on the Ashes series, and his name is right among the top. He has around 157 Ashes wickets with a miserable average of 20.92, which is way ahead of his modern contemporaries in the game. The nagging length that he produced was too much for the batsman to handle. Apart from this, the good-length balls were a real issue to deal with. In the five Ashes tests of 2001, he went on to capture 32 wickets, and hardly a few of the bowlers have been able to replicate such performances.

Steve Waugh

The great batsman is in the minds of most Australians, and well, who can forget his innings of 157 runs in 2001 with a doggy arm? He was barely able to move but still went on to play the game with his sheer determination. It is not one of the performances to remember but went on to showcase to the world the passion related to Ashes cricket. He went on to replicate the same performance when, in 2003, he went on to smash a hundred. It is one of the most outstanding and memorable knocks that world cricket has seen.

David Boon

one of the iconic players in Ashes cricket, and do not be misled by the size of the player. In Ashes cricket, he went on to compile close to 442 runs and an average near to 56, which still showcases he is one of the best players in this position. Currently, he is serving as a match referee and has gone on to mellow down at a considerable level.

Bill Woodfull

A few individuals are bound to make their presence felt with their sheer performance, and Bill suits the criteria on all counts. He is considered to be one of the true gentlemen associated with the game of cricket, and he did allow all his performances to do the talking. Where he scored over his counterparts was during the bodyline series, and he did refuse to employ the same tactics. One of the things that he did go on to feel is that cricket should not fall to such a stooping level. With such an attitude, he did go on to improve the relationship between the two countries to a considerable degree.

Allan Border

Our list would be incomplete without the mention of the Australian captain. He is responsible for igniting the fighting spirit of the Australians in the 1980s. It was at this point in time that they were rated as “street fighters” on all counts. He took over the team when some of the Australian greats had left the game, and his never-say-die attitude rubbed off on the team. With the passage of time, he went on to become a ruthless leader, and his mindset rubbed off on the cricket team. He was responsible for transforming the country into a global cricket nation. The team went on to lose 5 out of 6 series before 1987, and from that point on, they did have a major dominance over their rivals till 2015.

Shane Warne

One of the greatest players who has ever gone on to play cricket He was solely responsible for changing the art of leg spin. The moment he walked onto the cricket field, people were gobsmacked by what he had to offer. Though a few of the players have reached such heights, hardly any of them could match up to the charm that the great bowler provided. Though tragedy stuck in the year 2022 due to his sudden death. One of the greatest spin bowlers of all times he is no longer with us in the present.

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