D’Angelo Russell, who hails from Louisville in Kentucky, is a professional basketball player.

D’Angelo Russell, who hails from Louisville in Kentucky, is a professional basketball player. He plays in the National Basketball Association (NBA). D’Angelo’s birth date is 23rd of Feb. (1996). It means that his zodiac sign, which is also known as a birth sign, is Pisces. D’Angelo Russell is in a relationship with an American actress named Tayla Fernandez.   

D’Angelo Russell Birthday 

On the 23rd of February, celebrates his birthday. Many other famous celebrities such as Emily Blunt, Dakota Fanning, Kazuya Kamenashi, Josh Gad, W. E. B. Du Bois, Niecy Nash, Miyuki Nakajima, Kelly Macdonald and Aziz Ansari celebrate their birthday on the 23rd of February.

At the same time, Hollywood also celebrates the Oscar ceremony. It makes February even better from many different angles.    

D’Angelo Russell Hobbies 

D’Angelo Russell likes to watch NFL, read books and travel as much as it is possible for him at the moment. Russell is a big fan of Denzel Washington and Will Smith. Emma Stone is his favourite actress.

D’Angelo loves Mexican, Indian, Italian and Chinese cuisines other than the American cuisine. One can see him eating tacos during offseason mostly. The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother are connected with his childhood memories. Russell lives to visit the Maldives on a regular basis. 

D’Angelo Russell Hobbies 

Antonio Russell and Keisha Rowe are D’Angelo lovely parents. He grew up win a brother and a sister. Antonio and Keisha did their level best to provide their kids with a fantastic life. Father Antonio played a key role in D’Angelo’s growth as a basketball professional. He saw an amazing talent in him when they were living in Louisville.

Antonio talked with some local basketball coaches to make D’Angelo learn something new for becoming a professional. He joined a local academy in Louisville and started to only focus on becoming a basketball star in future.  

D’Angelo Russell Girlfriend

D’Angelo Russell is the boyfriend of Tayla Fernandez, who is a professional American actress. On their social media account, both picture some of their best moments with their beloved fans. D’Angelo Russell loves Tayla Fernandez from the bottom of his heart.

Russell and Fernandez make one of the best and most-famous basketball celebrity-combos of the modern-day era. D’Angelo and Tayla have great looks and together, they make a charming unit for their fans and followers from actress the globe. D’Angelo has not decided to marry or engage with Tayla till the date.  

College Career

D’Angelo Russell has a fantastic college career. For the Montverde Academy, he managed to win back-to-back High School National Tournament championships. Ben Simmons also played a huge role in that alongside D’Angelo Russell. In 2015, Russell led the Ohio State Buckeyes in style and became one of the most famous names in the American college basketball world. He was scoring more than 30 points easily as a point guard. Playing well in 2015 changed his future in many ways. 


Doing better at the college level helped the D’Angelo Russell to join the Los Angeles Lakers in 2015. He didn’t live up to the expectations in his debut season. The Lakers gave him another go in the following season – but he failed to play at the highest level with consistency again. D’Angelo then parted ways with the Lakers in 2017 and joined the Brooklyn Nets.

For the Nets, D’Angelo didn’t manage to take the next step. He ended his journey at the Nets in 2019, joining the Golden State Warriors for a season (2019-20) before joining the Minnesota Timberwolves in the summer of 2020. Many basketball pundits still see Russell as a player who can take his game to another level. Don’t miss out on the action and excitement of the Suns vs Bucks game or any of your other favorite NBA games by getting tickets to see them in person.


D’Angelo Russell won McDonald’s All-American and other crucial awards before becoming a professional. In 2019, he was included on the list of NBA All-Star contest. It made his profile even better. Indeed, any player in the NBA loves to play in the All-Star week contests.

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