Sable, also known as Rena Marlette Lesnar, is a retired professional wrestler. She also worked as a model and actress. Sable’s birth date is August 8, 1967. She comes from Jacksonville, Florida, US. She represents white ethnicity and follows the words of Jesus. Her husband Brock Lesnar is a professional wrestler from the United States of America.   

Sable Hobbies and Favourite Things 

Watching movies, listening to music and dancing are Sable’s hobbies. Will Smith is her favourite actor – and Jada Pinkett Smith is her favorite actress. London, capital of England, is her beloved holiday destination. Pink and red are her most loved colors. She deeply liked all 12 series of The Big Bang Theory. Other than The Big Bang Theory, she likes Two and a Half Men. Sable loves to watch series on Netflix regularly. Italian, Spanish and American cuisines are her favourites. She is too obsessed with Pizza. She said in many interviews that Pizza makes her too happy. 

Sable Fitness, Tattoos 

Sable still works with her husband Broke Lesnar to stay fit and healthy. They have their gym, inside their beautiful house. She has a very decent height, standing five feet and eight inches tall. Sable weight nearly 58 to 59 kg.

Sable Height figure stands at the mark of 36-26-36 inches. Sable’s blonde hair and hazel eyes make her cut above the rest. Sable wears the dress size of 6 (US). SheGarima Chaurasia Tik Tok star, Bio, Family, Education, Boyfriend has not put any tattoo on her body. 

Sable relationship with Broke Lesnar 

Broke Lesnar is Sable’s, third husband. She married Wayne Richardson in 1986. However, a car accident in 1991 ended the life of Richardson. Mariah is the daughter of Sable and Wayne. Marc Mero, who is a former boxer, married Sable in 1994.

He helped her to enter the world of professional wrestling. They didn’t have any child together. The lovely couple took divorce in 2004 as Sable started to love Broke Lesnar, who was a young and handsome fresh face in the world of wrestling. In the same year, they announced their engagement. On 6 May 2006, Sable married Brock Lesnar, with whom she had two sons – Turk (born June 3, 2009) and Duke (born July 21, 2010). Lesnar met her when both were working in WWE.

They started to date each other many times before marrying. At any UFC events, the fans saw the couple together on many occasions. Lesnar and Sable are made for each other. Both share common goals and does their best to keep their family look happy from many different angles. Many WWE couples see them as an inspiration as both still have the same bond as it was in 2004 and 2005.  

Sable Professional Career

She was a successful model before becoming a WWE Diva. She worked for top brands such as L’Oréal, Pepsi, and Guess as a professional model. On can see the work of Sable in films like Corky Romano, Ariana’s Quest, The Final Victim and Sins of the Realm.

She didn’t gain the same respect as an actress as he managed to do as a wrestler. She worked for WWE for a long time and won many iconic matches. Many young WWE female stars love Sable(wrestler) for showing a light at the end of the tunnel for many girls who are now working at the highest level. 

Sable Net Worth

Sable (wrestler) net worth has a golden net worth of $10 million (US dollars). Most of her earnings came from her wrestling career. She did not gain much as a model. 

Social Media

Sable does not prefer any social media account. She likes to live a very simple life. Thus, social media is no skin off her nose. 


Broke Lesnar is the name of the world of professional wrestling. His body structure makes him better than many in the whole world. He has helped WWE to maintain their charm at the highest level. As a UFC fighter, he gained a lot of respect and won the precious titles. 

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