There is a massive demand for professionals in every industry due to advancing technologies. You can be at an advantage by updating your skills in trending areas. The same is the case with the IT field, where professionals must have a good grip on Data Structures and Algorithms. The primary skill upon which recruiters analyze an individual is their DSA knowledge.

A software developer or an engineer must have solid background knowledge of the programming basics. This includes DSA, system design, and computer science. They can develop this through online data structures and algorithms courses

Every big tech company, whether product- or service-based, requires developers with expertise in DSA concepts. Hence, studying in the best courses for data structures and algorithms becomes quite essential for upcoming developers. 

There is also an increasing trend of asking interview questions based on DSA. You should understand the concepts in DSA to crack most companies’ coding rounds.

To help you understand DSA, below are a few of the best courses for data structures and algorithms.

  1. Learnbay’s DSA and System Design Program

Learnbay offers the best courses for data structures and algorithms online. The DSA & System Design program provides a comprehensive module on the fundamentals of programming, DSA, system design, CS (computer science), and more. Learners will put their expertise to use in real-world activities. You don’t require any DSA experience to enroll in this course. 

After completing this online data structures and algorithms course, learners get the IBM and Microsoft certifications. They can use their certificates in placements and take their resumes to the upper level. You get recorded videos, interactive quizzes, and exercises for easy learning. 

They offer mock interviews, coding-based interview questions, expert assistance, and more aids to help you during interviews. You can choose from the various domain electives like blockchain, product management, MERN, etc. You can specialize in any domain to become an industry professional. 

  1. Advanced-Data Structures from MIT

The course from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) helps learners study DSA and crack top companies coding rounds. You get the chance to gain an advanced level of knowledge in DSA. However, the course does not offer any certificates upon completion. You also need to have basic DSA knowledge to enroll in this program.

The program offers two sessions/week, with a 1.5-hour duration of each session. It covers topics from basic to advanced. They offer handwritten notes, weekly assignments, projects, and recorded videos. It is an excellent course for graduate-level learners with a DSA background.

  1. Master the Coding Interview by Udemy

It is another excellent online data structures and algorithms course to excel at coding. Learners can pursue this course to ace their coding rounds. This course requires additional knowledge of JavaScript. However, DSA knowledge is optional as the course is meant for beginners. The course is present on Udemy and offers modules in other languages like French, Spanish, etc.

They’ll prepare you for coding interview rounds in every concept in DSA, from basic to advanced. To help you easily learn the modules, you will get exposure to an online learning community. You can chat with other developers to solve doubts and know better. 

  1. Algorithms Part I and II 

This online data structures and algorithms course offered by Princeton University is available on the Coursera platform. It provides all the important concepts to develop effective software through DSA. This course is available in two parts:

Algorithms Part I covers fundamental data structure algorithms like searching, sorting, etc.

Algorithms Part II offers string processing and graph algorithms.

You can complete this course at your own pace in six weeks. It requires fundamental Java knowledge. The course covers data compression, graphs, algorithms, and data structures. It is best recommended for developers with working knowledge of DSA.

  1. IIT Bombay’s Algorithms Program

It is another self-paced course that covers six weeks of material. It is free and available on the edX platform. You can give 6–8 hours per week to complete this course. Before enrolling, you should get a fundamental understanding of data structures and how to implement them.

You can study how to deal with challenges effectively using the best methods. The course also teaches how to use searching/ sorting algorithms. You’ll practice using algorithms to handle issues. By the end, you can use DSA to develop scaled systems.

  1. Data Structures and Algorithms by NPTEL

The National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) offers one of the best courses for data structures and algorithms. This program has 36 lectures in total that help you learn DSA concepts in detail. This course will clarify your basic knowledge of DSA and its use with algorithms.

The course does not offer any certificates. However, learners can sign up on the NPTEL portal to get their certificates. It is a 12-week course that explains the topics properly with case studies.

  1. Data Structures and Algorithms in Java

The University of California San Diego course offers modules to master DSA using many coding languages. Before beginning this course, you should gain a fundamental understanding of Java and Oops (object-oriented programming). 

You will learn how to apply DSA in certain scenarios to build scalable codes. You can solve complex DSA problems and crack coding interviews using your knowledge. Furthermore, you will also implement DSA topics in software development.


DSA is the primary skill that helps you crack top companies’ tech rounds. The list above mentions some of the best courses for data structures and algorithms. These courses provide in-depth lectures, course content, and exceptional features. Choosing among these courses can be difficult.

You may evaluate each course carefully. To help you learn DSA properly, the course must provide detailed modules, expert mentorship, real-world problems, and certifications. A course that prepares you to crack interviews in any company is beneficial.

Additionally, domain expertise in DSA is also a valuable skill to develop. You may choose to specialize in any domain and become an expert. Recruiters search for candidates who have domain specialization in their required field.

By Grace