Working alongside others can be an effective way to boost work performance and productivity. Whether you are sharing a work area with a colleague or sharing an office at home, working next to others can be incredibly beneficial. In today’s hybrid work environment, more people are gravitating to collaborative workspaces to invoke the feeling of working in an office setting. 

There is a sense of community embedded into a shared workspace, even when those working in collaborative workspaces are working toward different work goals. Working with others, therefore, may increase productivity for everyone involved, even when people are coming together from various fields of work to work on entirely different tasks. Working near others is made easier with effective work setups and workstations. 

You can create your two-person desk situation at home or another collaborative workspace. There are many different types of dual-desk options to choose from. Here, we discuss some favorable options so you and whomever you’re working next to can maximize their productivity. Read on to learn about the best two person desk options that unleash the magic of collaborative workstations.  

Finding A Two Person Desk for Your Collaborative Workspace

Finding a desk for two people is easier than you think as long as you know the general layout or desk shape that will accommodate each individual. There are T-shaped desks, L-shaped desks, and U-shaped desks that can comfortably seat two people with enough elbow room to complete individual work. Here is a breakdown of the core features of common two person desk arrangements: 

  • T-shaped desks: This desk arrangement includes two L-shaped desks placed side-by-side, reflecting or mirroring one another. 
  • L-shaped desks can be arranged for two individuals by placing two L-desks next to each other so that they are parallel. Face both desks toward you with the returns pointed toward you. Then, move them until they’re together so you’re left with two L-shaped workstations resting side by side. Another two person desk approach is to set up the desks next to one another to create one elongated desk with the returns facing you. 
  • U-shaped desks can be arranged for two people by taking two of these desks and putting them next to each other so that they’re facing side by side, mirroring one another and facing back-to-back. 

Other Shared Workspace Considerations 

  • Another option for collaborative workstations that support two-person desk setups is two-person standing desks with modern configurations that make working and moving around easier throughout the workday. 
  • When considering two person desk arrangements that’ll have you and the other person working side-by-side, remember to factor in the dominant writing hand of each individual. You want to avoid bumping elbows, so ensure everyone is situated in a seating arrangement that is most conducive to uninterrupted work. 

Benefiting From Dual Desk Setups

Benefit from dual desk setups by implementing the above setups into your office. Consider the options above and see which two person desk arrangement may work best for you and the individual working alongside you.

By Grace