With the advent of computer games, the first boosters appeared. Those exist in the game World of Warcraft. Today, more than 13,000,000 players are already fighting in mysterious dungeons and overcoming numerous obstacles. Each player comes as a beginner, increases his level during the game, and his status grows. With the help of more experienced players, those who do not have enough experience and artifacts can level up to level 110.

What is Boosting

Wow boost represents the help of experienced players to less experienced ones. Together they overcome obstacles, fighting bosses and other enemies. Initially, boosting was understood as a temporary, short-term strengthening, strengthening of positions, obtaining new equipment, weapons, and other attributes to increase rank. The first boosters offered their services exclusively in chats, trying to brush aside any competition.

Today Boosting wow carry is very popular not only among beginners but also among those who already have some gaming experience.

Boosting can be of several types:

  • Group.

Beginners participate in raids along with a whole group of experienced players. In the process of joint raids, they receive the missing points to increase their rating, weapons, vehicles, equipment, and magical attributes.

  • Single.

A less experienced player goes through the dungeon with a more experienced one. He is trained in combat tactics, defeating bosses, and collecting the maximum number of trophies at each level.

WoW, boosting service is very popular, therefore, there are special services that upgrade game accounts.

Conditions and features of boosting

The service is not provided free of charge. For the service provided, players will have to pay with in-game gold. There are situations when players pay each other with real money. Such relationships between players are not welcomed by the organizers. They thwart such calculations in every possible way.

To increase the level of the character, just go to the player’s page and click the rating increase icon, which is located in the upper right corner.

To boost a character, you can use an existing character, or create a new one.

WoW, boost service involves creating a trial version and trying to upgrade your account. To do this, you need to click the “create a new player” button and mark the desired class. After completing the trial level, you will need to click the level up icon.

Game boosting has both its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of boosting


  • Opportunity to gain invaluable experience and develop a strategy for combat, assess the capabilities of the enemy.
  • The opportunity for a beginner to get points and improve their level, get a new title.
  • Beginners learn how to collect the maximum number of trophies at each level.
  • Boosters receive game gold, for which they purchase trophies and game attributes.
  • Both those and others can communicate with each other, and find new friends.


  • Some argue that leveling account devalues ​​the game, the player gaining skills on their own.

Boosting is popular in many games today. In World of Warcraft, the services of boosters are used not only by beginners but also by those who already have some experience.

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By Grace